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Date December 20, 2005
Name Laura Metzger
Comments Nice job, Lisa! Looking good!

Date January 23, 2006
Name Bill Metzger

Date March 30, 2006
Name Bob Metzger
Comments This site has everything. Looking forward to seeing the family tree. Your'e going to need a lot of time, I see you already have the talent. Uncle Bob

Date May 27, 2006
Name Jeff Metzger Sr.
Comments How sweet it is...Kudos to Lisa.

Date June 7, 2006
Name Mary Ann Metzger
Comments What a wonderful thing you're doing for the family! You're awesome,Lisa!

Date July 8, 2006
Name Bevan
Comments Great site Lisa

Date August 31, 2006
Name Kara Metzger
Comments Everytime I come back to the site there always something new! You are doing an awesome job Lisa! I love the currents events and the pics, what a great way for the family to share info!

Date October 24, 2006
Name Laura
Comments Lisa, I know I already signed once before, but....I wanted to say thanks for always updating the Kris Kringle list! I know it takes alot of time and you probably have a bunch of people asking you about thanks :)

Date November 29, 2006
Name Tator Salad
Comments What a Wonderful Site!!!! :)~

Date May 22, 2007
Name rpvsjs
Comments Hi! I used information from that site its great. Bye.

Date August 6, 2007
Name Lisa Bukavich
Comments Lisa, I came across your Web site and was intrigued. As you can see by my last name I am a Bukavich. My father is John Bukavich, son of Al and Josphine Bukavich. The family connection is through Mary McCormick. Mary's mother Liz Lenahan is my grandfather Al Bukavich's sister. Nice Web site! If you need more information feel free to email me!

Date August 6, 2007
Name Joan Bukavich
Comments Hi Lisa, I am Lisa Bukavich's mother. I knew Art, Mary, and Aunt Lizzie pretty well. Would love to hear from you.

Date August 31, 2007
Name Joan Metzger
Comments Just browsing, trying to find my daughter's website. Her name is,yep, Lisa Metzger. Some names you list are similar to some in our family, e.g Bill or William, my husband's grandfather. Some of your photos resemble him.We live in the Tulsa, OK area. Just wanted to say HI!

Date September 16, 2007
Name hiutopor
Comments Hi Very interesting information! Thanks! Bye

Date November 20, 2007
Name lisa mccormick
Comments Great name and great site!! best wishes Lisa

Date December 6, 2007
Name jeff's stacie
Comments Hey Lisa! Thanks for keeping the site updated. You know how Jeff is with dates. :) I don't know what I would do without this site! Just wanted to say thanks! See you at the Christmas Get-Together!