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Date November 4, 2020
Name hossein
Home Page
City mashhad
State khorasan
Country iran
Comments hello mr.ryan i hope you read this please answer i sent this befor for you by email:Hello im a 17 years old boy from name is hossein.I have a request.please،please after ps5 lunched unban ps4s😣.beacuse someone who have banned ps4 and he or she cant buy a new one that guy cant buy a ps5 too😳.so when the world is playing ps5 that guy at least can have ps4😧.ps4 is supporting from sony for just a few years more so you can do this favor for your customers for a few years.also i think you gonna stop making ps4 after ps5.I have a banned ps4 too😢.I know how it feels when your friends are playing online game and you cant join them😭.I buyed this consol after 6 mounth hard working😳.im just 17.and when buyed it i found out its banned and I was able to find seller😠😭.so if you unban ps4s your company wont fall down but just you make Hundreds of peaple happy and i think its a graet favor in these days to your customers and world.maybe your asking why world.beacuse of this

Date July 28, 2023
Name Dawid
Home Page
City LImerick
Country Ireland
Comments Greetings from Ireland :)