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Date February 23, 2014
Name Albert and Kirk
City Camarillo
State CA
Country US
Comments My dearest Alicia... You have been an inspiration to my partner and I since 1979. We both met that year in Silverlake CA at Ken's Riverclub near Hyperion, dancing to I Love The Nightlife.. 34 years later, we still are dancing to your song at the renowned Oil Can Harry's in Studio City CA.. We love you Alicia.. stay strong my lovely..

Date January 10, 2010
Name Aleks Stojanovic
City Ravena
State New York
Country USA
Comments Dear Alicia, This forum is a wonderful opportunity to say thanks to a special artist. You created an iconic song that provided a driving sentiment for a special time in my life and many others. There is a determination in "Nightlife" to push on and find the magic in being around other people celebrating despite the hardships we encounter personally. "Nightlife," and your unique styling and purposeful delivery, remains as relevant today as when the song first heated a dance floor. Oh, how people sang and still sing along with you... and when the lyrics can no longer express or contain the rush of the moment, the eruption of voices into that joyous, primal howl! I believe we certainly could use more of that howling these days! I'm glad I was able to experience those times as a participant. I feel bad for the folks who didn't get what it was really like; those that only bought into the cartoonish kitsch of the era. For me, the experience really was far more refined, expressive, tongue-in-cheek, sensual, brazen, creative, and

Date July 10, 2014
Name Alice Elrod
City New Orleans
State Louisiana
Country US
Comments Alicia will always be my favorite! Keep on rocking in the free world! Xo

Date January 23, 2008
State SC
Country USA

Date August 27, 2012
Name amy
City sedona
State az.
Country usa
Comments was at wgig in brunswick, georgia when you emerged in all your made our staff the coolest thank you poster for playing your song. you just got it from the get- go~ thanks!

Date August 22, 2010
Name Andrew Manson
City Brooklyn
State NY
Country USA
Comments Dear Alicia, I too LOVE the nightlife! A friend turned me on to your website today and I am overjoyed to know that there is this sort of forum regarding your art (and pets - I have much love and respect for our feline and canine friends). Thank you for doing what you do. Peace!

Date May 22, 2011
Name andy
City chester
State cheshire
Country uk
Comments I have driven everyone I know mad with "i love the nightlife" had a whole airline buying it and singing it and made every dj play it in all the nightclubs all over the world i visited in my airline job...what a great song and a test of time. i want it playing at my funeral as its my all time best song thanks so much for an incredible hit

Date September 4, 2012
Name Barbara
City Barbourville
State KY
Country USA
Comments Ended up on your website after playing Song Pop! Then I watched you on youtube...ah the memories of the disco scene in the late 70's and early 80's! I loved your 'Nightlife' song, and danced to it many many times back in the day....Thanks for the great song that withstands the tests of time, and for the memories! xoxo

Date April 20, 2015
Name Bee Ross
City Murray
State KY
Country USA
Comments Alicia!!!! I have waited...30 years to say hello to you! No joke! One of my very first memories, is being on a cruise vacation with my mom and sister, and I had a huge crowd gathered around me. I was dancing around to Play It As It Lays!! In hindsight, a cute 4 year old boy dancing around to disco would be adorable...but at the time, I was serious! Haha! I had no idea who you were, or what the song was about, I was just about the boogie! 30 years later...I have all of your original vinyl and I'm making my mom relive her party days (that she will never full admit to!!). My mom, myself, and my sisters have so much fun with your music. Of course, now I know the meaning of the songs, and I have most certainly known who you are for a long time now...but I have never had the honor of meeting you or telling you how much fun your work/fun has given us over here in Hee-Haw Kentucky. You really helped me develop a sense of humor and power about being gay in a small, southern area. I guess this internet thing will have to do as for a meeti

Date November 23, 2009
Name Betty Parks
City Supply
State NC
Country US
Comments Alicia, I heard "iltnlife" today and remembered you from so long ageo. I am wondering what you are up to w/ your life? I knew you back in Concord many many moons ago. You often came into my store "Mindbender". You played your guitar and did a quiet performance w/in our store. I am living near Holden Beach, NC and am fully retired now. My husband Mason is about 8 years deceased. We have lived a wonderful life and have enjoyed two beautiful children and grandchildren. I hope you are well and you are most welcomed to touch base. Take care, Betty

Date January 26, 2012
Name Bill Baughman
City columbus
State ohio
Country usa
Comments In 1985 While in Atlanta Georiga I was at a performance where Alicia did a rendition of Patsy Clines's Crazy Was wondering if she ever laid a track of this down on record or cd and if there is any way to get a copy of it.

Date March 4, 2013
Name Bill Kopald
City Greensboro
State NC
Country USA
Comments Alicia, the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame has chosen you as one of our 2013 inductees. The ceremony will be held in October. I am chairman of the board and want to talk with you. Please contact at my email address with your contact information. Thank you.

Date August 21, 2008
Name Billy
City Atlanta
State GA
Country USA
Comments I heard that "I love the nightlife" will be redone in 2008 with a dj mix is it out yet or when will it be out? I'm sure it will be a smash hit again here in the Atlanta nightlife just as it was before!

Date May 18, 2009
Name Bo McNeill
City Whiteville
State NC
Country US
Comments Alicia, You probably dont remember this but I emailed you several years ago about a story concerning a Les Paul guitar that I owned and it's history of being owned by you when "I Love the Nightlife" was written. I love the nightlife and I love this guitar and the love of both was enhanced by your confirmation. I am proud to own this part of "Nightlife" history!!! May I love the nightlife live on forever!! Bo

Date May 18, 2009
Name brian
City new york city
State ny
Country usa
Comments about 3 years ago i used to DJ at an upscale, very posh nightclub in manhattan. the crowds were always very mixed. so the type of crowd always determined the style of music i would play...however, regardless of the type of crowd, i would always play "i love the nightlife" and the place would go bonkers! people who would be sitting would pop up like a piece of toast and start to boogie. it was great and always a hoot to watch people respond to your song every time!

Date December 31, 2014
Name Brian C
City Seattle
State WA
Country USA
Comments I naturally bought the first album for "I Love the Nightlife" of course. However, I discovered a song that I would come to love even more-"Self Applause". I had just moved to Atlanta that year (1981) from a small hick town in SC. I was 17 and I thought I was so sophisticated and urbane and gonna conquer the world. And you were right there with me with "Self Applause". Your voice and phrasing on that song were just magical to me. Even now, I can put that song on, close my eyes and I'm 17 all over again for about 3 mins or so. Thanks for that! P.S. I also saw you dj a couple of times as well. I think at Neighbors and the Sportspage(?). It was so long ago, I forget. But I always wanted to tell you about this back then...better late than never, I suppose. Bri C.

Date June 20, 2009
Name Byron
City sierra vista
State az
Country usa
Comments your still great as ever!!!!!!!! I used to go to the sports page in Atlanta when you dj'd there, WOW girl you can mix em....hehe...I am sooo glad that you are still rockin ...your a wonderful role model for queers everywhere!! I do not live in Atlanta any longer, but would love to hear you dj again somewhere close..I live in Arizona now. Hope you are doing well. Byron Chatham

Date February 5, 2008
City Shelby
State NC
Country USA
Comments I remember the younger version of Alicia Bridges. The one who brought her guitar to school and played and sang for us during the break from classes. This was before I Love The Nightlife and she was a terrific singer back then. Congrats from an old schoolmate.

Date July 26, 2014
Name Chad Marshall
City Ny
State Ny
Country USA
Comments Can't believe you have this wonderful website! Have been a fan for ages!

Date July 27, 2016
Name Charles Ray
City Ellenton
State Florida
Country United States
Comments Thank you for your contribution to my past and making it so great!

Date January 14, 2008
Name Christopher
City Toronto
State Ontario
Country Canada
Comments Hi - so happy to see you got down off that overpass and out of the hot sun (referring, of course, to your wonderful 1979 album cover). Your second album (red cover)was not released in Canada, but I saw it on a trip to Buffalo once... Here's my story - I was familiar with the radio single of "Nightlife" with its tom toms and pop beat, and remember the first time I ever heard the 12" Single and album disco version - I was on a bilingual exchange in grade 10 to Quebec City (like Bette Midler says, there's nothing like a little foreign tongue every now and then) and we were at a roller disco - your song came on and here I was trying to lip synch to a version I'd never heard before - what a Jack from "Will and Grace" moment! I was not impressed with the version used for the "Priscilla" soundtrack - strange new drum and bass track that to my mind did not work - why they couldn't just use the original is beyond me. Here's a question: what would you think about Canadian singer Jann Arden covering this song? She is known for so

Date April 22, 2015
Name christopher crow
City chandler
State in
Country united states
Comments Dear Alicia, You are one of the best singers. I have all of you music on those old wonderful records and cds. keep up the good work. You may not know it but you are making a difference in peoples lives. When i feel down ,i put on your music and drift off to a better place. thank you so much and god bless, sincerely Christopher Crow

Date August 21, 2012
Name Cindy
City Venlo
State Limburg
Country The Netherlands
Comments Alicia, love your work !!!!!

Date July 16, 2012
Name Clarissa
City Tampa
State Fl
Country USA
Comments Just got off the treadmill, listening to my MP3. Although I'm now an overweight 64 year old, your I Love the Nightlife transformed me into a young (thin) woman again. The magic keeps on going!

Date July 11, 2013
Name Cody Gosselin
City Nashville
State TN
Country USA
Comments Hi Alicia, I wanted to take this time to let you know that not only do millions of people love your song "I love the Nightlife" around the world, but there is 40 dogs at My Animal Rescue called Happy Endings Animal Rescue ( that when we need a pick me up we stick that DVD in and turn it up load and it gets the dogs a barking and a wagging. As a 58 year old male I live the Disco era and even worked in several night clubs in Southern California. All the clubs I worked only played records and I remember this one club called Picassio's Night Club in New Port Beach, CA when your son played it picked up the whole club. Today's kids and young adults don't know what their missing. Thank you for your music, Cody Gosselin