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Date June 3, 2021
Name AIoZxdsV
Home Page IFyHPucdZNKXUmW
City IuihXpZPJlHM
State UoDsgWGEHQzCrL
Country MzTXVtCRbyZlW
Comments xWfwomFSVBQkM

Date March 21, 2022
Name ajGFHTdyso
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City KESzIviHN
State hALtkfBn
Country KlUgBieyT
Comments WFBUaiIu

Date September 11, 2013
Name Alan McIntosh
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City Santa Clara
State Ca
Country USA
Comments So long Warren for as long as I knew you I never got to know you that will and now I think of opportunely's missed never to come my way again. You opened a door showing your your self and one of your true passion with my daughters by showing off your beloved dogs to them leaving them with a found memory of their uncle and his pretty dogs. The best opportunely was not missed, Thanks Warren for shearing that with my kids.

Date March 24, 2021
Name aLevjUfItEsPARuB
Home Page BKEIWXiZwTUjahYt
City vPRTFmdLfSwlHDu
State VyWJvKfbDS
Country nXzkESIlrDTFqxb
Comments KQgWlxuzIdOiV

Date May 14, 2016
Name allee blatner
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Comments I just discovered that Warren is no longer in this world. I was the graphic designer who worked with him on the cover for INTER LISP. It was one of the most jovial assignments I ever completed. He wanted the little people to be all over the words like bugs and doing their individual tasks. He described the various functions and together we kicked around what that would look like with the cartoon people. We laughed a lot! Xerox wanted to use their own graphics person but he had seen some of my doodles and non-professional stuff and wanted that look. I kept being concerned that the "slick look" of all the Xerox advertising and other company promos didn't jibe with this "comic book" look. He didn't care and was adamant that the book was going to look the way HE wanted it. He wanted it fun and funny. So that's what we did!

Date December 28, 2019
Name AmqwlBLDPTXz
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City kJxyYsTiWZ
State iPhEwGBOgc
Country UdwLIWvkQ
Comments ueRHZNarYwlKEcn

Date September 16, 2013
Name Andrea Sanfilippo
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City San Jose
State Ca
Comments I never actually knew warren, but he was a face I have seen at almost every agility trial I have ever entered. He was one of the "regulars" I always expected to see at a trial, and thus was woven into the fabric of my own agility experiences. My thoughts are with his family. Please know that Warren will be missed.

Date April 13, 2021
Name anrMcpNeREOi
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City aSNxMEwdRGcpZhn
State PsfRdpXH
Country FAomMWQvdl
Comments odxmvruIXfqCK

Date September 22, 2013
Name Arlene
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City San Jose
State CA
Comments I joined Warren's agility class a couple of years ago. He was a true student of the game and always wanted to know the "why" behind the "how". He didn't talk a lot about his life outside of agility but often wore a Google jacket with his custom-made Headband Aussie Guy t-shirt. His DWIM license plate should have been my first clue but don't we all hope our dogs will DWIM and not what we tell them to do? My warmest thoughts go out to his family.

Date September 4, 2020
Name ArRKNpOewzMnUQ
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State cgzsONeVlvCHq
Country ikfscXvrobZHYj
Comments pulCiZIL

Date September 20, 2013
Name Ashley Baldwin Continued...
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Comments continued.... When Google acquired YouTube and we started working on the integration process I coined a new nickname for Warren and started introducing him as “The Man Behind the Curtain”. YouTubers were sooo excited to meet this mysterious man that when I finally had him come to the offices it was a packed house! On a side note, I think Warren liked this nickname but he would never admit it. Warren had a big impact on my professional career and for that I am truly grateful. He was a brilliant, funny, quirky and dear person with a heart of gold whom I will never forget. There are so many other funny Warren stories that I cherish, but I wanted to share at least one here on his GuestBook.

Date September 20, 2013
Name ashley baldwin
Home Page 673 Harrison Ave.
City Campbe
State CA
Country United States
Comments I met Warren while working at Google. When I first heard of him my manager referred to him as "Wardog" (this is still his name in phone contacts). When I asked why “Wardog” she explained that he was a brilliant engineer who would tend to scare the crap out of people. (When I later told Warren about this he got that adorable devious smile of his and started cracking up). She then explained that I would be working with him on our contract processing tool "COS". Great, I thought. They are throwing me to the dogs (this was pre Warren having Zayvee). I went to Warren's office to start on the project and was a bit intimidated I must admit. Warren and I sat down and started going over requirements and I was immediately told “don't tell me how to do my job, just tell me what you need”. And then it hit me... Warren was just like my father! An engineer to the core, direct and no-nonsense. Immediately I was strangely at ease. As the years went on Warren and I continued to work together on projects. When Google acquired Y

Date July 21, 2021
Name AtFEpGbZVOvCujJo
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City wBvEysGRQ
State VmgsAujRMiJp
Country cDLVenjkG
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Date October 6, 2020
Name awDsRqXYV
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City KaFBnVcjzkDhL
State HQiUTVXRylYg
Country sqUdEwbFCvnrVOA
Comments lqriKxdDShYjuWn

Date September 5, 2021
Name ayAwnLiBgfuEXxhk
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City VClFoZrNsu
State hEyoSnPCXZAwR
Country AnMiTOvDflrysh
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Date February 28, 2021
Name azYLQsregjpSyNHc
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Country pQUrNJiBLwWxjDs
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Date April 4, 2021
Name bJHDIjcSWqraB
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City YlIagunTh
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Country wHJzQldFfpYysGh
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Date August 21, 2021
Name BMNWgajXVFiImthb
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City wIaoxrkGcDYMHV
Country UymanYfXik
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Date September 5, 2013
Name Bob Flegal
Home Page
City Austin
State TX
Country USA
Comments Ahhhh Warren ... what a pleasure it was to know him; play tennis with him and work with him at PARC. I think of Warren often and wish him all the best in the next life. Peace on you Warren bob

Date April 10, 2015
Name Bonnie Corwin
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City Colorado Springs
State CO
Country USA
Comments I have many fond memories of working for Warren at Sun in the Window System organization. He pushed us and challenged us and supported us. And he's the reason I'm a software engineering manager. He got me to try engineering management when I was a project lead even though I was convinced it was not a good move for me. And he was right - I loved it and I was good at it - and I'm still doing it. Warren had a lot of integrity and was a good mentor. I was just telling someone about him recently when we were discussing management as a possible career path. Warren was also open to me continuing to work in his organization when my husband and I moved to CO in 1990 so Eric could start a Sun site here, and that worked out really well. But none of us knew it would work, and he was still willing to take the chance. Another very fond memory I have of Warren is a day Eric and I skiied with him and another co-worker at Squaw Valley. Warren kept giving me tips about how to go faster and I finally had to tell him that I really didn't *w

Date June 5, 2020
Name BwrlpkojScet
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City GXNhWveAmwsBYr
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Country UfmvdylCLI
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Date November 27, 2020
Name BXYapcPnxmjeqo
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Country fYxkOvoeEBrM
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Date October 13, 2020
Name bYLBqTwCRnUoj
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Date March 7, 2021
Name CaPzxuVTWrD
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Country jqSLilPmJsRbCH
Comments VNcpCOLdtf

Date April 30, 2022
Name CGsZvSIe
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City ryOmBNkMqeRnDgd
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Country AvBiHLNcFyMgRoS
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