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Date January 14, 2018
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Date April 12, 2018
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Date October 7, 2017
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Date September 11, 2016
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Date November 15, 2017
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Date March 30, 2016
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Date July 30, 2017
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Date August 28, 2017
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Date August 5, 2017
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Date November 22, 2017
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Date July 23, 2016
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Date December 4, 2007
Name WO1 Jeffery Stanton
Email jeffery.stanton@us.army.mil
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City Fort Gordon
State GA
Comments I was in 2nd Platoon Charlie Rock from March 90 to September 91. I had a blast and loved our trip to Argentina. I am looking for any of my buddies from that time frame.

Date October 8, 2006
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Country POLKO
Comments COB/3508TH 64/66

Date January 19, 2007
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Comments COB3/508 64-66 Would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time.

Date May 2, 2016
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Date November 25, 2017
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Date September 26, 2016
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Date April 24, 2016
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Date November 21, 2016
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Date May 30, 2006
Email WLObrn@aol.com
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City Crowthorne
Country United Kingdom
Comments Just to say hello to our American Airborne Brotherhood from your fellow comerades across the "pond" in the UK

Date July 1, 2010
Name Willie
Email willfreer04@yahoo.com
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City Woodbridge
State VA
Country USA
Comments My father is Arthur Freer, Jr, 82nd Airborne, 504. Ft. Bragg. Served 1952 - 1955. I am looking for army buddies, that my know him or served with him.

Date April 20, 2017
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Date March 22, 2017
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Date September 1, 2016
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