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Date June 29, 2010
Name Zakir Khan
Country UK
Comments Very nice indeed. Thanks, Zak

Date August 6, 2010
Name William Porter
Country Hong Kong
Comments I enjoy your website and interesting perspective on photography.

Date July 6, 2015
Name Willem Wernsen
Country the Netherlands
Comments excellent photography, Nice tot meet you in Arles yesterday. Willem Wernsen

Date January 16, 2012
Name WES
Country USA
Comments WHAT IS 100-DEGREES CELSIUS? JT. You have a great web site. I guess I'm in the NO column, too. click on the Multicultural movie link for a short movie I made. or go to for my portfolio.

Date October 13, 2014
Name Wang Jiaqing(Ben)
Country China
Comments It's very useful and good experiences, and as you said "easy to read" even for a non-englishspeaker, I want to translate some of your articles into Chinese, with statement that's only a translation of yours then give out also the origin web address, it that ok?

Date May 3, 2007
Name Vlad Soare
Country Romania
Comments Roger, I'm also one of those AP subscribers who use to read your article before anything else. I do hope your absence is just temporary. Very nice site. Keep up the good work!

Date June 2, 2012
Name Vini
Country Espaņa
Comments Well done! Vini (Barcelona)

Date March 22, 2012
Name Vicki Haines
Country USA
Comments Roger, I just got the info for your site on one of your responses to someone on UHH. I love your photos, commentaries, information. How do I purchase your book? Thanks.

Date April 1, 2006
Name Trevor Spottiswood
Country UK
Comments Your photographs and your words have inspired me to get off my chair and get out there again. I consider your work to be inspirational

Date May 7, 2011
Name Tony Stewart
Country USA
Comments Dear Roger and Frances, I've been dreaming of an M9 (though doubtful that I can afford it, especially since I have no Leica lenses either) and stumbled on your unusual and thoroughly satisfying review here. I have to say that the combination of your observations and the accompanying images is wonderful. So many so-called reviews are filled with useless technical details and illustrated with pedestrian images that give no sense of the possibilities of the tool under discussion. In your case I really learned something, and I love your photographs. Thank you for putting so much effort into your sharing. Regards, Tony

Date October 6, 2006
Name Tomaz Palmer
Country Slovenia
Comments You're one crazy man. You're the first one that I've seen that liberates with knowledge regarding photography. I thought those curves were completely useless. I even looked up what a log. is - 'cause I've forgotten by now. Trying to be a decent photographer inside I knew I was just a shutterbug of some sort. I'm left virtually speechless and in awe to you. May God pay you back. Thank you for ending my years long frustration, 'cause some can Really complicate things. I'll be back... Sincerely, Tomaz Palmer, Slovenia

Date July 4, 2010
Name Tom Salmon
Country Ireland
Comments I stumbled upon just as we're planning our trip around Europe. Very good piece of work, we really appreciate it. It would be great to have a printed copy as a book, have you considered using one of the on-demand publishers if traditional ones won't take it? Thanks, Tom.

Date February 25, 2008
Name Tom Felber
Country U.S and betimes U.K.
Comments Have often found useful comments from you both in various fora, especially

Date September 14, 2016
Name Tom Demachy
Country UK
Comments Have most of your books, esp. value Med&Largeformatphoto. A good idea for a book would be what films and papers there are available now, most of the manufacturers you quote either have gone out of business or severely restricted types etc. Hope that getting older does not stop yr output. Keep the flag flying for US and UK. Tom

Date August 9, 2013
Name tita
Country USA
Comments Glad to have read your books!

Date June 29, 2012
Name Thomas Williams
Country United States
Comments HDPP article is very interesting. Thanks

Date July 15, 2006
Name Thomas Hooley
Country United Kingdom
Comments I have enjoyed your writing as much as your photography over many years, caught the high speed lens & rangefinder bug from you, and like the website.

Date October 13, 2006
Name Terry Karney
Country USA
Comments I just wanted to say thank you. I've several of your books, and my craft has benefitted.

Date November 29, 2011
Name Ted White
Country USA
Comments Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your webpage and coffee with mentors on I've photographing since I was eleven. Now I'm eighty-three and, in part thanks to you, I switched a few years ago to RF cameras!

Date July 12, 2005
Name T S Brandon
Country England
Comments Nice shots. Nice printing. Nice web-site. I like the wry-ness of your AP page. Usually makes me smile.

Date February 28, 2013
Name Sunny
Country Australia
Comments Hi Roger, I am keen about taking photos and I have read few of your books as well. Recently about 70 kms north of Sydney where we live, I went to a second hand book shop to look for some interesting photographic books. I found none. But I found a book on BBQ which was next to the photographic books. I wanted one about BBQing on coal and this fitted the bill at fraction of a price of the Webber one. I found the name of the author familiar and after some research found it was your book. What a surprise, looked for a photographic book but found a BBQ book which was needed (but not in my mind then) and written by a photographer!!! By the way I am from India originally and enjoyed your article about the bike ride on "Bullet", I owned one in the 80s. Regards Sunny

Date March 27, 2013
Name Stevie
Country Scotland
Comments Great t-shirt. Keep up the Amateur Photographer column. From somebody who is a curmudgeon. Whatever that is . . .

Date March 20, 2006
Name Steve Reynolds
Country United Kingdom
Comments I am a Student Photographer and have been browsing articles and photographic pages for over 5 months now and I must say I am inpressed with the B/W photographs that you have on your site these are great for giving inspiriation to us budding photographers (thanks Guys)

Date December 24, 2011
Name Steve Patton
Country USA
Comments Great site. . . love that it has so much info. . .

Date December 21, 2005
Name Steve Martin
Country UK
Comments Hello Roger and Frances.Do hope you are well.Have just returned to picture taking after a 30 odd year break.Started in the 1960's in D&P and semi-pro wedding photography.Manage to wear out a Yashica Mat could'nt afford a Rollei.Always managed to get a printable neg with Kodak TX220 deved in IDII @ 10 mins.Your web site has excellent info and pics.Am scooping up so many film equipment bargains at moment(i know we are all destined to go digital one day)Seasons greetings to you both. May your God go with you Best Regards Steve Martin