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Date October 25, 2009
Name terry weaver
Comments Way to go Kathy! I never really knew you but I'm sure you make a great doctor.

Date July 13, 2009
Name Sherry Musick
Comments I love the sound of 'Ubiquitous' ! I'm just an old Echolaliac at heart girlfriend :)

Date April 8, 2015
Name Sheila Eckley Adkins
Comments I was looking for my favorite classmates on line, and I stumbled upon ALL of this! You always were incredibly determined and confident! Congrats on all your achievements, they certainly have been many. I am sure your parents are very proud of you! I hope life is treating you well. You look the same. Good for you! Sheila

Date April 30, 2009
Name Rick Wegley
Comments Hi Cathy, It's been a long time. Happy to find your site. I see you are doing well. Rick

Date November 22, 2007
Name Richard Burton

Date July 21, 2009
Name Nichole McCloskey Thomas
Comments You are such a super star!

Date January 11, 2008
Name Mellany Flynn
Comments Hey Kathy! It's been a long time, girl. Can you believe they actually gave me a license to practice psychology?? Miss ya! I'll be in touch soon!

Date March 10, 2010
Name Mark Trask
Comments Is this the same Kathy McCloskey that sat with me in a mulberry tree in Brookville, Ohio and cleaned the tree clean of the mulberries?

Date July 11, 2010
Name Joan Pyle Peters RN
Comments Very impressive! : ) Renews my faith & makes me want to work more with our local Shelter from Violence.

Date June 9, 2011
Name Evan Brown
Comments I am proud to have grown up in southwestern Ohio with you.

Date February 25, 2008
Name dan bube
Comments hi kathy. best wishes. dan

Date October 26, 2012
Name Carrie Frey

Date February 17, 2010
Name Brenda Spicer
Comments Move over Dr. Phil, lol!! You are awesome Kathy! Brenda :)

Date October 17, 2008
Name bob esken
Comments Glad to know u are alive & well , I hope. Me web site is, they found one of my old video games from the 80's.

Date May 19, 2008
Name Bill Albery
Comments Hi Kath Gosh, you're own website! I knew you would be successful at what ever you got into. Wanted to let you know I learned at AsMA last week Andy Prior had died in March. Cancer. I knew he had it but had not heard he had passed on. he was a great guy I am retired but working for a company, SpecPro out of San Antonio. Bill

Date August 13, 2008
Name Bettina Viereck
Comments Hi Kathy, great website! take care betty

Date August 12, 2009
Name Aleesha Grier
Comments Great website!