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Date January 22, 2015
Name Thomas E. Maresco
Email led3.5cav@icloud.com
Home Page
City Chagrin Falls
State Ohio 44023
Country USA
Comments I am the son of Edward J. MARESCO Service Co.1943-1945 He is still alive & doing well at 91. His address is:26891 Drakefield Ave. Euclid, Ohio 44132 (216)261-3514

Date January 20, 2015
Name Darl LeRoy Dicks
Email ddicks12@cfl.rr.com
Home Page
City Kissimmee
State Fl
Country U.S.A.
Comments My dad Don L. Dicks and was in "I" Co.. Dad past away before he would give me the names of Troopers that were in his plane on D-DAY. and it's aircraft number. I trying to honor all of them and the Air Crew. Soft Landing.

Date June 14, 2014
Name Hans Hartung
Email hhartung@hot.rr.com
Home Page
City Killeen
State Texas
Country USA
Comments Served with C co, !st Bn, 508th Airborne Infantry, 3rd Bde, 82nd Abn Div, Vietname from Dec 1968 to Dec 1969. Started up in Phu Bai and then wound up around the Saigon area when the unit was redeployed South of I Corp. During May of 1969, we were OPCON to the 25th Infantry in the Tai Ninh Province. We took some casualties in that AO, me being one of the wounded. I'm a life member of the 82nd ABN chapter. I returned to Vietnam in January of 1971 and was stationed with C Co 1/187 Infantry, 101st ABN Div. Retired in 1989, and now I'm fully retired and loving it.

Date June 10, 2014
Name Osborne
Email osbu777@aol.com
Home Page
Comments HOOAH !!! Rangers Lead the Way!!!

Date April 29, 2014
Name rodney mcleod
Email rod_mcleod62@yahoo.com
Home Page
City wabasha
State minnesota
Country usa
Comments looking for any one who served csc 2nd bn airborne 508th inf 1980 -1987

Date April 27, 2014
Name rodney mcleod
Email rod_mcleod62@yahoo.com
Home Page
City wabasha
State minnesota
Country usa
Comments served 1980 1987 csc 2/508 at platoon looking for any one who served ther in platoons

Date April 16, 2014
Name Brian Burk
Email wallytron@aol.com
Home Page
City Madison
State Ohio
Country USA
Comments My uncle, Pvt. Donald C. Mead, 508th,Company c made the jumps on D-day and into Holland but died after being wounded on 7 Jan 1945, was told he was hit in the head by German sniper at Thu-du-ridge. He lived until 21 Jan 1945, His dad was a police detective in Cleveland Ohio, he had two sisters, Doris and Bette. He was short in size. I served in Frankfort Germany in 1968 and was min Nam for all of 1969 as part of the 20th Engineers.

Date April 15, 2014
Name Dan Madden
Email Bearlakefarm@yahoo.com
Home Page
City Battle Creek
State MI
Comments Was in 3/508 HHQ Supply, Recon, 66-67 was levied with Medics and Recondos to 101st toured Viet Nam Dec 67 - Dec 68

Date March 25, 2014
Name David Wilkens
Email diamondl@bbc.net
Home Page
City SCB
State NE
Country SCB
Comments Looking for info on pfc Earl Wilkens picture's He was in the 82nd 2 battalion 508th Co F. 1944-1946 ??? Got anything?

Date February 16, 2014
Name Robert Sheehan
Email rsheehan@ultraplix.com
Home Page
State washington
Country USA
Comments B CO 1/508 panama 2nd platoon. Go Red Devils

Date February 11, 2014
Name James F Campbell
Email fredcampbell71@gmail.com
Home Page
City Austin
State Arkansas
Country USA
Comments I was the Plt SGT 3rd plt B co 1/508 3rd Bde 82ABN 6/68 until 10/68 would like to hear from anyone, PS I was a Shake N Bake Leg, Proud to be with 1/508th

Date February 7, 2014
Name Dr. Dave Gowan
Email wakullan@gmail.com
Home Page
City Crawfordville
State Florida
Country USA
Comments Looking for anyone who may remember my Dad, William L. "Bill" Gowan from SC. I believe his first overseas service was in N. Africa, followed by jump into Sicily, ship to Italy in PO valley, then to a nation to North (Bulgaria?) Any info appreciated very much by me and my three sisters.

Date January 25, 2014
Name Robert Baggett
Email robert@khakipublishing.com
Home Page www.khakipublishing.com
City Henderson
State NV
Country United States
Comments Hello Red Devils! Just browsing and came upon your site and wonderful testimonies of service. Please visit us at www.khakipublishing.com. (Robert)

Date January 22, 2014
Name Craig Meyer
Email cmeyerx@hotmail.com
Home Page www.usaparatroopers.com
City Cumming
State GA
Country USA
Comments I was in A Company 2/508th Airborne Infantry from 76 to 79. Airborne ground pounders.... Please take time to visit my web page: www.usaparatroopers.com 82ndairborne@usaparatroopers.com

Date January 15, 2014
Name James L. Brown
Email jlbrownda@live.com
Home Page
City Wolcott
State CT
Country USA
Comments My dad is quite dysfunctional in the usage of an iPad and a laptop but he served in the Army 1954-57, the 508th infantry division and the 101st airborne division boxing team. He is reall interested in catching up with others who were serving during that time in his twilight years. Pease contact me on email

Date January 4, 2014
Name Carl Sanborn
Email nctrooper@live.com
Home Page
City Elizabeth City
State NC
Country USA
Comments I served in HHC, 2/508th Inf. 82nd Airborne Division from 1968-1974. I worked in the Support Platoon and the Battalion S-4. Would love to hear from anyone who served with me.

Date November 19, 2013
Name Douglas Heacock
Email marloyd@charter.net
Home Page
City Ludington
State Michigan
Country USA
Comments C,Co.,Ft. Kobbe, CZ,Panama 1969-71 was the RTO for C company

Date November 1, 2013
Name kevin gorton
Email gortonkt@verizon.net
Home Page
City jordan
State ny
Country usa
Comments served with csc 2/508th then we became the3/504 what has become of those old para's who grew old climbing to the 3rd floor

Date October 27, 2013
Name Dr. Bruce H. Crowder
Email evibruce@aol.com
Home Page
City Delmar
State New York
Country Albany
Comments Served with the 427 AAA Battery at Camp Wood. Was part of the Gyroscope. Saw a few names of old comrades: Rivet and Mason. Great guys. Surprised to learn that the '08 had an association. Will follow up. Luck to all!

Date September 27, 2013
Name lloyd c Wilkinson
Email sandyflash@aol.com
Home Page
City west Chester
State Pa.
Country Chester
Comments Owen J. Wilkinson, 11 Airborne, 46-48 Passed away at the end of 013, as he wished , ashes awash in the florida gulf great teacher, and always Airborne. Lloyd C. Wilkinson. 508 M Company 51-54

Date September 21, 2013
Name Angel Soto
Email asoto4308@yahoo.com
Home Page
City Lacey
State Wa
Country USA
Comments Served with Bco 1/508th from 91-94. Excellent unit and troopers.

Date September 4, 2013
Name Frank Seif
Email fes508@cox.net
Home Page
City Sun City
State AZ
Country USA
Comments Was Supply Sgt, M Co 3rd BN 508 ARCT 53 to 55. Transferred to 11th ABN to finish short tour not time enough to gyroscope. Served Chapter as Chairman and Treasurer at various times over 7 years. Affiliate member of Valley of the Sun (PHX) Chapter. Made several freefall jumps, last one at age 77. Airborne service is the pride of my life after my family.Would not have missed it. Real esprit de corps in the unit. ALL THE WAY!

Date July 6, 2013
Name Robert Mcgarrah
Email bobmcgarrah@hotmail.com
Home Page
City Hurst
State Tx
Comments Went to Panama in 11-62 Return home 10-64 Was in headquarters co and co. c. Is anyone out there that was in the Canal Zone at that time.

Date July 6, 2013
Name William Bruce Tallant
Email eltallant@aol.com
Home Page
City Lakeland
State Fl
Country Polk
Comments B co 3/508 June 64- nov 66

Date July 1, 2013
Name Rebecca Ranger
Email lovesmanydays@live.com
Home Page
City Anchorage
State Alaska
Country USA
Comments My Dad Theodore Ranger was in Germany post-WW-II.

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