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Date September 10, 2014
Name Dave Parrish
Email dave_parrish@aol.com
State newyork

Date June 19, 2014
Name Bob McClure
Email Shilllysit@aol.com
State California
Comments I saw this man play in Downtown Disney, and was mesmerized by the incredible talent, and the amazing sounds he was producing. Such a visionary, and a superb entertainer. If you ever get the chance to see this man, I would HIGHLY recommend it. Thank you so much C.G. for adding to, and enriching our family vacation. May God bless you in all of your future endeavors. YOU ARE AN AMAZING ENTERTAINER !!

Date May 20, 2014
Name rick
Email disnrykid@cox.net
State ca
Comments hope at Disneyland between june 8 & 12

Date January 18, 2014
Name Denise Hamblen
Email Hechose34me@hotmail.com
State Illinois
Comments Hi CG I just wanted to thank you for being very kind to myself and my girlfriend. We saw you at Disney on the weekend of Nov. 9 2014. Every time we heard you play we stopped and listened then when you were done you came and talked to us. You are awesome to watch n listen to. I bought your cd's. Love them. Last day we heard you play we stopped and talked with you. I even got to get a picture with you. You look awesome I did not wasn't planning on going out in public but went to grab a bite n back to room, but heard u play so we went to watch. Crappy clothes, no makeup, hair not done, maybe now you remember me. Haha!! Any way thank you for sharing your time with us. You are a talented man. Sounds like you have a awesome future coming up. God Bless you in all you do. Hope to meet you again. Denise

Date November 10, 2013
Name Susi Veltri
Email celtichearts@ca.rr.com
State California
Comments I don't think I've ever really took the time to sign this in the past, so I'll do so now. Thank you so much for all the music you've given to the world...I'm glad I've had the opportunity to see you perform - even if solo - @ Downtown Disney, Citadel and Victoria Gardens. I look forward to seeing you more, and eventually in concert. I also look forward to introducing your music to others as well. All the best, God Bless, and thank your for the friendship you've given me over the last several months as well. :)

Date October 3, 2013
Name Roberta L. Galyean
Email dragonwind456@gmail.com
State AZ
Comments Saw you live at Disney Downtown LOVED the music and bought two CD's expecting the same wonderful music. Very disappointed to find out that even though the CD's list different selections both albums were the same. Echoes of Silence and Passages.

Date September 21, 2013
Name Mark Sanders
Email valorpercussion@yahoo.com
State Oregon
Comments Thanks for taking time to chat with us. My son was literally drawn to your performance in downtown Disney. Totally appreciated the great tips from someone who is passionate about what he does. God Bless!

Date April 19, 2013
Name Rossana Di Battista
Email rossanadib@hotmail.com
State Victoria
Comments Hi CG Ryche, I'm from Australia, and recently visited Disneyland. Whilst in Downtown Disney, I heard your music from afar which drew me in...absolutely AMAZING!! You see, I'm a spiritual healer and teacher, therefore promoting our 'Echoes of Silence' to my clients across the board. Thank you sooo much for such wonderful music and how extremely talented you are...u certainly have made a difference to my life....God Bless

Date March 17, 2013
Name Sandra
Email dans_1962@yahoo.com
State California
Comments Awesome artist...saw your solo performance on March 16, 2013 at Victoria Gardens. I saw you perform at Lewis Playhouse (Cultural Center) before. A hispanic couple was in line to purchase your merchandise and I recommended to them to buy the DVD and they end up buying the DVD/CD. She spoke very little English and she said you were handsome and I said, caliente like Julio Igelsis...thank you for your stellar performance and talent. God Bless You..

Date October 26, 2012
Name Greg
Email gbarber@netidea.com
State Canada
Comments caugth you live in Disney LOVE the music bought the cd u were playing Echoes of Silence when we walked by. the drums are so much beter live... anyways dreams come true for thoughs that work hard for them peace!

Date October 9, 2012
Name Charles Ray
Email MusicMrfixit@aol.com
State California
Comments Hey CG, what happened to La Mirada? I was all set to come see you this weekend. That's ok, we're dyed in the wool fans, so we'll follow you to Lewis Theater. Talk to me once in a while.

Date August 22, 2012
Name the disney kid
Email trjt1234567@aol.com
State ca
Comments hey c.g. have some sad news will you be at downtown disney on oct. 20 or 21 would like to tell you inperson let me know

Date July 14, 2012
Name sydney findler
Email sydneyf136@yahoo.com
State california
Comments I luv ur music ur the best i saw u a couple of times and i think we are close friend cuz i helped u out when i saw u at disneyland. your really good and ur very nice thanks for letting me help u. i hope to see u soon again! take care and ur family wishes you the best!!.. (:

Date July 5, 2012
Name Connie Sue
Email csuestaten@yahoo.com
State CA
Comments I recently had the opportunity to see you preform at Del Mar Fair (SD Fair) ... I cannot tell you how mesmerized I was by your stage presents. It was such a honor to be there in that moment a part of what you do. I had the opportunity to speak with you during sets and you mentioned your concerts were something like PINK FLOYD MEETS STOMP.... but it is my opinion that you are in a class all your own, I was sincerely touched by your music... I have been going to the fair since I was a little girl & seen many, many people perform ... you were the first time I actually stopped ... listened (over 2 hrs)... paid attention... purchased cd thank you for what u do !!! I appreciate you :) Connie Sue

Date June 15, 2012
Name Dori Savino Lawrence
Email Iconicphotos@yahoo.com
State CA
Comments Hope to see you soon! Best wishes my friend! :)

Date May 10, 2012
Name Jamie
State CA.
Comments My family went to Disney last night and on our way out we saw you perform on stage, you were amazing to watch. We look forward to getting concert tickets for your concert in October. See you soon.

Date April 10, 2012
Name Ken
State Az
Comments Saw you last night at Downtown Disney I really enjoyed your music.

Date April 6, 2012
Name Tracey B.
State Peoria, AZ.
Comments CG - saw you in California last week - and I have not been touched by music...or a musician...like I have been by you and your music in a long time! Keep up the great work - you are touching lives whether you realize that or not! :-)

Date April 1, 2012
Name Ed Galindo & Linda Spencer
Email TILEBOSS@aol.com
State Ca
Comments Hey C.G. Could not believe the percussions you were giving Me and Linda at Palm Springs market night a few weeks ago !! It was fantastic !! Hope to see you soon !! Always Ed & Linda

Date February 22, 2012
Name Treena
State Ca.
Comments Saw you at Disney last night we really enjoyed your performance. Thank You!

Date February 22, 2012
Name Missy
State Ca.
Comments Hi C.G. just a quick hello and I really love your new Cd Imaginarium.

Date January 23, 2012
Name Daniel
Email daniel.gonzalez7171@yahoo.com
State Ca
Comments Your music was great when you performed. Hope to see you again at Downtown Disney.

Date December 17, 2011
Name Christine Passmore
Email chrisp711@sbcglobal.net
State Ca
Comments saw you at Disney for 1/2 a song. Bought one of your cd's and I am back for more.....Beautiful.

Date November 6, 2011
Name Dwight
Email dmuskita@hotmail.com
State Holland
Comments Yo CG..... man ...you're site looks absolutely wonderfull.... my respect man... maybe I will see you at NAMM again... God Bless. Dwight.

Date September 19, 2011
Name Kim Thrasher
Email kiddolovestigger@gmail.com
State CA
Comments I have seen you a few times at Downtown Disney and I love your music! I had the chance to talk to you the last time I saw you. You are such a nice person and a wonderfully talented musician! I love to watch and listen to you play! Blessings to you! KT

God Bless & Thanx for stopping by.