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Date January 23, 2016
Name Edwina Russell
City Deal
Country England
Comments Great website Bill! Your love for your plants (and cats..) comes out in your words! Have a great week off! Edwina

Date September 20, 2015
Name Terry hind
City Leicester
Country Uk
Comments Hoping to get hold of Adrian Slacks book to advance my knowledge of carnivorous plants Regards terry

Date June 8, 2015
Name Carol
City Kings Lynn
Country U.K.

Date May 1, 2015
Name Averil Lee ? Averil Lee
City sunderland tyne & wear
Country uk
Comments Hi just very new to this hobby just bought a beautiful sarrecenia mitchelliana plus a dionaea muscipula then tonight I found your web site through bill sherren mentioning it in the back of INSECT EATERS which is great so getting some really good information from the site Thank you averil lee

Date June 13, 2014
Name Lin Skinner
City Harare
Country Zimbabwe
Comments Loved your pictures!

Date November 19, 2013
Name arleen Gaasch
City van nuys
Country usa
Comments Hello Bill What happened ? Long time no hear over the pond. Just wishing you a wonderful Holiday season. Arleen

Date June 16, 2013
Name misty gibson
City charleston
Country US
Comments thank you for all your insight on fly plants!!

Date March 16, 2013
Name Howard Vaughan
City St. Newlyn East
Country Cornwall
Comments Just arrived.Bought plant from a garden centre -lasted well -now leaves drooping (watered as the lable dictated). Latest leaves have no 'catchers' at the ends -huge tall stem with white flowers - came onto this site to learn how to propergate the eventual seeds

Date November 12, 2012
City canterbury
Country great britain
Comments The videos are brilliant, very well done and of course very interesting to see behind the scenes.

Date July 2, 2012
Name sandra minns
City worthing
Country uk

Date June 27, 2012
Name Robert Paul Thixton
City Stowmarket
Country UK
Comments Thank you. Probably the top site for carnivorous plants that I have found so far.

Date April 27, 2012
Name Pat
City Cleburne
Country USA

Date April 7, 2012
Name Gerry Armitage
City Mirfield
Country England
Comments Excellent site, thoughtfully constructed and valued.

Date February 25, 2012
Name Reggie
City Vancouver, Washington
Country United States

Date September 19, 2011
Name David Ashdown
City Carnforth
Country England

Date September 5, 2011
Name Maureen Emmins
City Hawes
Country UK
Comments I have long been facinated by these plants, but have never been adventurous enough to take them on. I wish I had known of you 12 years ago as we lived in Manor Road, Deal, but now live in the wilds of North Yorkshire - a long way for an afternoon out! Do you cater for visitors, as I still have relatives in Deal and we visit from time to time.

Date September 3, 2011
Name arleen
City VN
Country Los Angeles
Comments Hi Bill Long time no see you. I was just passing by so stopped to say Hi Yah Hope you are doing well Cheers Arleen

Date July 21, 2011
Name peggye

Date June 3, 2011
Name charles stapleton
City meseyside
Country uk
Comments Like you I managed to kill quite a few off as a teenager through ignorance - but now wiser and older the three examples my wife got me for a b/day present .. WILL SURVIVE !

Date April 27, 2011
Name Theresa Ryan
City Co. Cork
Country Ireland
Comments i had no idea there were so many...i love these plants and have a few of my own but can't id them from your photos...i haven't had much luck with the flytrap, any i have found have been unhealthy to begin with (small in size and from garden centres). love your site. regards theresa

Date March 30, 2011
Name Bridget
City Grantham
Country uk

Date March 10, 2011
Name m pate
City ilford
Country england

Date March 5, 2011
Name Eric Bond
City Brighton
Country England
Comments Dear Bill, Seeing you dedicate something you have worked on for so many years to my mum (your sister) brought me to tears. I cannot express in words how touched I am by this. Kate was, and always will be, a very special person to me and I'm sure to you. I hope we can do a better job of staying in touch. Love, Eric

Date February 26, 2011
Name Jorge
City Monterrey
Country Mexico

Date November 21, 2010
Name linda s jenkins
City kerrville
Country kerr
Comments Can I get this fly catcher plant seed from you and is it better to have small greenhouse to grow it better, thank you/linda in the hillcountry