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Date February 4, 2019
Name etienne dezutter
Country belgium
Comments It's still wonderfull in this digital quickly changing era to visit your filmsite and get ideas and a few of little dreams ....

Date January 22, 2019
Name Dick Myhill
Country United Kingdom
Comments Roger, It's your fault I'm selling all my camera gear and trading up to the Nikon Df! That article of yours in AP (5 Nov 2016)got me hankering after one. It's just taken me 2 years to pluck up the courage. Can't make up my mind on black or silver though. BTW that Micro Nikkor 55mm is still available on eBay for less than 200.

Date January 19, 2019
Name Robert Ryan
Country United States
Comments I have loved your works for many (too many?) years. I used to search through Shutterbug Magazine every month to find your articles. Perusing your website is like seeing an old, comfortable friend again after a long absence.

Date December 21, 2018
Name David Thorpe
Country USA
Comments Very informative, Thanks

Date July 31, 2018
Name Robert Teal
Country UK
Comments Lovely site, may it always be here...

Date June 14, 2018
Name A Roger Underwood
Country France
Comments Roger and Frances, I've been a fan of yours for getting on for 30 years and have a goodly number of your books on my shelf. Many thanks for your instructive and interesting sites. I also have retired to SW France in Charente Maritime so not too far from you. Sorry to read that you have been unwell, I hope both of you are better now. Bon Courage!

Date June 13, 2018
Name Arne Iversen
Country Norway
Comments Super

Date March 19, 2018
Name Joe Baldwin
Country USA
Comments Very nice site. Interesting articles and great photographs

Date January 29, 2018
Name Giancarlo Raiconi
Country Italia
Comments Very nice site, I read a lot of it with enthusiasm. Well done.

Date December 28, 2017
Name Oleg Komarickiy
Country Russia
Comments Hello Roger, Photo School very interesting, a lot of useful ! black and white photography-Super ! Thanks for the advice May this New Year be an year full of joys, good luck and beautiful experiences! Regards Oleg

Date November 21, 2017
Name Nicola Beauman
Country UK or rather DK (Disunited)
Comments Dear Roger Hicks, we are reprinting Tory Heaven next April. It will be the fifth Laski novel Persephone Books has done and I had long dithered about it (it's only a long short story really) but the tragedy of Brexit has made it sadly relevant. So I wanted to thank you for writing it up so interestingly, yours is about the only mention of it on the web - Reading 1900-1950 or whatever it's called doesn't really get it. And I am writing to ask - with your obviously brilliant internet skills are you able to find any original reviews? Ie. how was it greeted at the time? When it was reprinted the next year in the US (or DS) as Toasted English Kirkus didn't really get it. I have decided not to have a preface because what is there to say except gnashing of teeth? But if you wanted to write something for the Persephone Biannually I would be delighted. Very best wishes Nicola Beauman Persephone Books London WC1N 3NB

Date August 11, 2017
Name Paolo Spada
Country Italy
Comments I like very much your way to write about photography... and sure... your photographs too. Great work. Thank you.

Date July 30, 2017
Name Anthony Bilmes
Country UK
Comments Good morning I made a small donation via Paypal some days ago and would like to know that you received it. Thank you Anthony Bilmes

Date July 10, 2017
Name Anthony Bilmes
Country UK
Comments I have read you from time when I buy Amateur Photographer but not looked properly at your website which is a cornucopia of interest and excitement. Thank you very much. Anthony Bilmes - no-time digital photographer: street in London and flowers in the countryside.

Date April 28, 2017
Name John Blucher
Country USA
Comments Hi!!

Date September 14, 2016
Name Tom Demachy
Country UK
Comments Have most of your books, esp. value Med&Largeformatphoto. A good idea for a book would be what films and papers there are available now, most of the manufacturers you quote either have gone out of business or severely restricted types etc. Hope that getting older does not stop yr output. Keep the flag flying for US and UK. Tom

Date August 27, 2016
Name Jon Tarrant
Country Jersey
Comments Hi Roger I happened to be browsing for something and your site popped up like a blast from the past! I've also had a look at the .eu site but couldn't see a guest book so thought I'd say "hi" here. Best wishes to you both. Jon

Date June 19, 2016
Name Joe Farace
Country USA
Comments I was just think about you both today and just found your website. I have so many fond memories of our visits at various trade shows including the famous drinking contest between Bonnie & Bernie at the PMA show in Orlando. Alas all three have moved on. I'm still writing for the magazine which is a far cry for what it once was. All the best to you both,

Date May 18, 2016
Name Pete Watkins
Country England
Comments A superb website.

Date May 9, 2016
Name JayDann Walker
Country Australia
Comments Dear R&F, Earlier today (09.05.2016) I had a look at your new web site. I won't comment. It would distress me too much. What has happened? And why? Have you given up on your old web site? To me, you are the last of the Old School photographers, who pursue the craft for the love of it. Obviously, like me, you are dinosaurs in this D-everything age. Don't get me started on 21st century photo-crap. I could write enough on this topic to grind out a book, which of course would never sell. Who buys books nowadays? Is there any hope for you to return to the old style of writing I so loved in your original web site? Or have market forces driven you to try other things? If so, then dare I say it, your new format will not do it, as it just doesn't cut it. Yahoo style. Written as a very serious comment. With my best regards, JD in Sarawak.

Date January 26, 2016
Name Nei
Country what used to be USA
Comments I haven't visited your site for a while, but I read your 2 May 2013 thoughts about photograph "fermentation" shortly after I had gone through a couple hundred of my archived prints. Perhaps fortuitously, because I'd pitched a half dozen in the trash ("WHAT was I thinking!") and several others in a stack to remind me that I absolutely must pull those negatives and take another try them. Thanks so much for your faithfulness in updating your site. I do enjoy it and it so often validates my own thoughts. Come to think of it, that happens all too infrequently, so thanks again. A donation is forthcoming. How true.

Date January 12, 2016
Name Adrian England
Country United Kingdom
Comments I stumbled across your book, Medium Format Handbook, in the late 80's. It opened the door to the world beyond 35mm. A place I have enjoyed ever since. Thank you

Date December 19, 2015
Name David Murray
Country UK
Comments I have Roger's book on Black and White Photography. I repeatedly delve into it. I also have the lens boo and low-light photography. I use a pair of Leica MDa bodies with a 3.5cm f3.5 Summaron lens and SBLOO finder atop. Focus is by scale and as Roger says, estimating exposure is easy after a while. Film is XP2 and is scanned to disc for me. So my bodies are "digital" cameras! All the best. David Murray.

Date October 16, 2015
Name Kieran Dandy
Country uk
Comments Hi Roger, really love 'final analysis' in amateur photographer. Keep it up. Your page here and your books are always fascinating. Whenever I want inspiration and sound philosophy your words keep me going! P.s I finally got my 35mm lens. Regards Kieran Dandy

Date September 7, 2015
Name bobby kulik
Country U.S.A.
Comments Been here before, but this time looking for things about Harmon Direct Positive paper.