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Date December 21, 2013
Name Shannon Leach
City Little Rock
State AR
Comments I wanted to thank you for your quick turn around in repairing my Clay Delay and to say what excellent service you provide. Thanks!

Date July 22, 2013
Name mel goldstein
State Oregon
Comments I received the autopuller a week ago and have used it three times. Being new to the sport, the device gives me the opportunity to go to the range alone and work on my weaknesses without inconveniencing anybody. It took a very short time to determine a comfortable delay for me and now I am totally pleased with the unit. PS. I am shooting at Salem Clay Sports in Oregon and am using the L5-15 plug.

Date January 28, 2013
Name Richard Ladd
City Collierville
State TN
Comments Bill: I was surprised to receive my A.P. in the mail today so soon after ordering...thanks much for the good service. I hope to install a connector and be up & running tomorrow to give it a go.

Date June 20, 2012
Name Ernie Orman
City biloxi
State ms
Comments Hi and good morning, I ordered one of the “APD” auto pullers and that is the only way to go. Now I can practice on the stations that I need more attention too. The first time I used it I shot 3 rounds and it worked flawlessly. It was easy to wire and set up and I know I will enjoy it in the months to come.

Date January 24, 2012
Name Tyson Adams
City Johnson
State Kansas
Comments I recieved my voice pull today and tryed it out and it worked better than I ever dreamed. I would recommend your product to anyone. The need for hunting a puller to help me shoot is over my scores should improve by being able to practice more. Thank You very much. Tyson Adams

Date January 24, 2012
Name George Sutthoff
City Cincinnati
State Ohio
Comments My wife gave me the aps-2v for Christmas. I took it to the skeet range today and it worked perfectly. It's nice to be able to practice by myself without the distraction of other shooters. Shooting with a group is a lot of fun and a great way to make new frends but not a good way to work on your game. The Clay Delay allows me to do that. Thank you for a wonderfully made American product.

Date December 19, 2011
Name Michael J Mucaria
City Shirley
State New York
Comments Dear Bill, I just want to thank you for the OUTSTANDING customer service you and your company has given me. I had a minor problem with my choice of connectors. The speed and attention you gave me regarding this was outstanding. I always tell people that work for me,"anybody can sell someone something". But the aftersale customer service, is what seperates us from the rest. It will keep people coming back and recommend you to others. Again I wish to thank you and know that I will recommend you to others. Your customer service is tops and no rival company can beat it. The best they can do is try and match it. Michael J. Mucaria

Date November 11, 2011
Name Jay Lim - Top Shot Season 2
City Fullerton
State CA
Comments Thank you for inventing this!

Date July 3, 2011
Name Wes Kirby
State OK
Comments I decided to shoot the works and get the wireless premium skeet model. I received it Friday. Saturday Shot six rounds and Sunday shot four. I would have shot more but 100 plus degrees is really hard on an old (52) man. It worked perfectly. I did learn not to make a comment on a missed hi house when in H/L mode. It would set off the low house. Thanks for a great product. I will be showing it to everyone.

Date June 22, 2011
Name Bruce Ward
State NC
Comments I got my unit yesterday and wired it and shot with it today. I really like it. I no longer have to worry about anyone else being there. No problems at all.Flawless operation of the unit. ;

Date December 19, 2010
Name Dean
City Kingston
State Nova Scotia
Comments I purchased the wireless autopullers for skeet and it has been a one. The mic allows me to shoot alone which is very nice at times. Now if I can just get my arms in shape or learn to pace myself.Because there is no waiting for clays as they are there as fast as you yell!!!!!!!!!!!

Date August 6, 2010
Name Bob Campbell
State CA
Comments I just received and used the API delay timer/random timer in conjunction with my Do All White Wing clay thrower. I believe that I am the first one to have received the new unit that combines both the time delay and random delay functions. The unit works flawlessly and is very easy to program both the set delay and random delay periods. A great product, exactly what I wanted. Clay Delay was great to deal with, also. Bob

Date May 29, 2010
Name John G Harley
City Castle Hayne
State NC
Comments Received my autopuller yesterday. Took it the the Buccaneer Gun Club this morning. Very easy to setup and adjust. Other club members were so impressed they took pictures of my setup. Really happy I can shoot by myself, and spend time on improving my skeet shooting instead of fumbling with the clay thrower. Will need more business cards to give to fellow club members, they love my Clay Delay too! 73's John Harley

Date May 8, 2010
Name Edward Heaton
City San Angelo
State TX
Comments I purchased the Premium Skeet Auto Puller several weeks back..after using it a few times, I'm ecstatic. It works as it should and was exactly what I was needing. Now I can shoot by myself whenever I want! My wife is beyond happy as I don't have to drag her with me anymore! Thank you for a wonderful product.

Date April 15, 2010
Name Jason D Propheter
City Fort Huachuca
State AZ
Comments I shoot trap and skeet, and my Autopuller works perfectly. The Autopuller works better than the Canterbury for me. If you have to shoot by yourself, or don't have a puller, this Autopuller is the answer. Would you go shooting without your shotgun? No, and you will not go shooting without your Autopuller!!

Date January 14, 2010
Name Gary Boeker
City Garden Grove
State California
Comments I find the clay delay is a great product and a great training aid, it has hepled my in the scores that I now shoot. I would suggest the use of this this product to all shooters that want to improve their shooting game.

Date June 12, 2009
Name BE
Comments I was so happy with the trap autopuller that I also ordered the skeet autopuller. Both are easy to wire, and every time I push the button, a rock is thrown. I just have to remember that once I arm it, I can't say anything until I am ready to shoot. Great value for the price.

Date May 6, 2009
Name Kim Henderson
City Casper
State Wy
Comments Bought a wired unit and love it. One of the fellows I shoot with bought the wireless and also loves his. Highly recommend the product to anyone and the staff by far goes out of their way to accomidate you. THANKS Kim!

Date May 4, 2009
Name Art Nash
City Hereford
State Arizona
Comments Outstanding Device.

Date March 25, 2009
Name lou west
City washington
State penna
Comments Today I received my new auto-puller and I am anxious to try it out. After reading the enclosed sales receipt I was totally shocked to see upgrade model and shipping :NO CHARGE: I was willing and expecting to pay for repairs to my old model.words cannot express my feelings in the manner which your company treats and respects its can be assured tha I will continue to recommend and demostrate your products.I THANK YOU.

Date December 29, 2008
Name Alan Neuhoff
City Dallas
State Texas
Comments I received my Clay Delay unit a few weeks ago and wanted to write and let you know how much I am enjoying it. It works flawlessly, and the instructions that accompanied it are very clear. What an excellent product... and at a great price, too! Thank you.

Date December 15, 2008
Name Roy Hudec
City Manchester
State New Jersey
Comments I purchase you Clay Delay I would lke to tell anyone who may be interested that this is one great piece of equipment. I used it for the first time yesterday and it worked flawlessly. The price is right and dealing with your company was a pleasure.

Date December 2, 2008
Name Mickey Sterling
City Buna
State Texas
Comments You products come highly recommended. My daughter finished the 2008 USA Shooting International Skeet season ranked #4 in the nation in female junior skeet shooters. We are looking forward to receiving her new auto puller with an international delay. Realism in practice means a LOT when competing at her level. Her next competition is in March 2009 at Fort Benning for a shot at the 2009 World Cup Team. Thanks again, Mickey and Hannah

Date September 5, 2008
Name Tom McDermet
City Moneta
State Va.
Comments I purchased your Claydelay in January of this year. It does every thing that you said it would and more. The biggest thing it has done for me is give me independence. I can now go shooting any time I want without having to depend on someone else being there to pull for me. Thanks, Tom

Date August 15, 2008
Name Bill Crawford
City Johnstown
State Ohio
Comments I recently bought a auto puller for my son. He trains on International Doubles alot. We LOVE IT!! One of the best products i've ever purchased. The service by Bill is fantastic. I will be purchasing one for my five stand. Thanks for a great product!!