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Date November 23, 2014
Name Rich Martino
Comments Miss you my friend. Nancy and I are enjoying the evolution in your art. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you family. Ciao Mario!

Date October 21, 2014
Name Greg Milbank
City Wyckoff
State NJ
Comments Hello to Mario.

Date January 5, 2014
Name Virginia Bryant
Comments A life in art and the reverence of life for all, rather than life worshipping profit and the wars that result from this falsity!

Date November 16, 2013
Name Karen Webb
City Huntley
State IL
Comments So enjoying your Gallery 119. I miss seeing you in church. I hope you will be back soon and feeling better. Grace and peace, Karen

Date May 31, 2013
Name Ignacio Alperin Bruvera
Comments I just wanted to say that you do great work ! All the very best, Ignacio

Date May 2, 2013
Name Terry Schuck
City Telephone
State Texas
Comments Hey!

Date April 24, 2013
Name ivy brown
City new york city
State new york
Comments you are a true inspiration~ i am forever grateful for face of book~!!!

Date March 30, 2013
Name Aviva Rahmani
City New York
State NY
Comments Beautiful!

Date February 24, 2013
Name Bridgett ambriz
City Shorewood
State Il
Comments I am friends with Julius. He told me about you. Your story and art are inspirational! I love art and always have. Over the last couple years I have started doing wall art in my home and it has been such a joy for me. My daughter is now dabbling in sketching, painting and other arts and crafts. I encourage her to use art to help her deal with her emotions. She was recently diagnosed with bipolar2 disorder, at 12 it's hard enough, so art is her new outlet along with music. I will be showing her your site so she can read your story and view your artwork. I think she will find inspiration from you also. Thank you.

Date February 10, 2013
Name Rose Mary Purrazzella & Marc K. Rosenblum
City New York
State NY
Comments We hope you are well. We saw you and your work in NYC a couple of years ago. You went to Memorial Hospital to visit Marc and see things about Dr. Ewing. I still remember that vivid tree paining in red. I keep looking online to see if there is something similar that grabs me. Best wishes for your continued good health.

Date January 15, 2013
Name John Hojnar
City Western Springs
State Il
Comments As a cousin-in law, I'm very proud to say we're family. God Bless You Always. John

Date September 12, 2012
Name Keith Groves
City Arlington Heights
State il
Comments I was very moved by the whole concept.

Date December 21, 2011
Name Pam Miller
City Wheeling
State IL
Comments Mario, Your web site is impressive and your work is interesting. I especially like the trees. I very much enjoyed our conversation when we ran into each other today. You are really inspirational with your faith and all you've been through and what you are doing with your gallery. I wish you well and pray for your continued strong faith, ability to work, and to enjoy your life!

Date September 6, 2011
Name Julius Alberico
City Norwalk
State CT
Comments I've visited many times, but don't know why I've chosen today to sign your guestbook. Just a couple of takeaway messages from your big bro...I love you; I'm extremely proud of you - as a father, husband and artist (the first two are the more important); you have touched many lives in ways you'll never know; always be proud of who you are and what you do - in whatever of your life endeavors. And, oh yeah, don't mess with your "hall pass." I say, Young Man!

Date July 29, 2011
Name Jane Filer
City Chapel Hill
State NC
Comments This is a really different kind of a gallery. I would love to come visit. Hope I can soon. Jane

Date April 11, 2011
Name Rosemary Purrazzella
City New York
State NY
Comments It was so nice meeting you at the artexpo. Your work is moving

Date December 1, 2010
Name Juan Massolo
City Buenos Aires
State Argentina
Comments Hi Mario, it's so nice what you are doing with the Gallery and the Foundation. Congratulations! Kind regards, Juan

Date November 2, 2010
Name Joe Kelsch
City Lake Barrington
State IL
Comments Thank you for sharing your talents and Passion Mario

Date September 18, 2010
Name Kevin D Meyer
City Fairplay
State mo
Comments Mario enjoyed your site, your art and some insight as to who you are. Hope to get to know you better in the future. All the best , Kevin.

Date July 19, 2010
Name Jillian Alberico
City Saint Louis
State Missouri
Comments Good luck in New York!

Date June 12, 2010
Name David Zemanek
City Berkeley
State CA
Comments Well done Mario.

Date March 17, 2010
Name Erik Davison
City Saint Charles
State IL
Comments Mario, I am impressed with the wonderful art and spirit! Looking forward to stopping by the gallery.

Date March 15, 2010
Name Chris Wells
City Las Vegas
State Nevada
Comments I love the trees!

Date November 24, 2009
Name Tony Alberico
City Arlington Heights
State Illinois
Comments The Website looks really nice, good job pops.

Date November 4, 2009
Name Marissa Rutkowski
City Chesterton
State IN
Comments I have one of your earliest landscapes, charcoal on paper......will photo and send to you.