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Date June 15, 2016
Name Swathi
Email Jilswathi@gmail.com
Comments Please pray for me that I should grow spiritually and closely connect and understand God. I want to spend more time in prayers but I fall. Please pray for me that I should be used by God to show his glory. Thanks, Swathi

Date June 8, 2016
Name Sulakshna mehta
Email Sulakshna7@yahoo.co.uk
City Hounslow
Country United kingdom
Comments I am believing mother in Lord Jesus Christ now for 16 years. Pray for my husband Pramod to receive the Lord too. My dilema and anxiety is my son recently married sikh girl of his choice who are strong sikhs and last week when I was sharing TV testimony about a sikh Pastor making Christ his Lord she got angry with me saying I am trying to convert her. My son told me not to speak anything to her about Christ in his absence. My son is a nominal believer and promised to come to church with her once a month. Thank God they are doing so upto now. They been married under a year now. My anxiety is I get invited by her inlaws to gurdwara for marriages or home sikh functions. My heart does not want to go and take part. Arguments between family takes place. please pray with me for God's mercy and guidance and boldness. I don't want to bow before Granth. Should I take prasad? I am so confused. I am invited to their close family wedding in August. Please pray and answer me. May God bless you all.

Date June 3, 2016
Name Ravi Kumar
Email ravikumar9234226770@gmail.com
City Patna
Country India
Comments Bro I m a living a life of sin and i wanna get rid of it i want my new birth so that my whole nature shall be changed from my innermost being. Please Pray for me.

Date May 27, 2016
Name sunil
Email rhema.tv@gmail.com
City hyderabad
Country india
Comments Praise the lord, My sister name is kavitha, 35 years old, she is suffering with cervical cancer from 4 months. Now she is in 4th A stage cancer,last second stage, she is in HCG Cancer Hospital, Vijayawada, India. now she suffering with kidneys damage because emergency radiation treatment, kidneys also serious problem, doctors said no hopes for life, but we believe god will do miracle, please pray for my sister, if god healed her i will give testimony what god has done. thank you. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. sunil, Hyderabad.

Date May 25, 2016
Name Sharon
Email rentalasroyal@gmail.com
City hydearabad
Country india
Comments Praise the Lord Bro/ Sis... Please pray for me regarding my marriage. iam 24 years old. please pray for me

Date May 19, 2016
Name Williams
Email williams.kuntam@gmail.com
City Eluru
Country India
Comments Please pray for the Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, Administration, Management and Alumni of Salvation Army, CSI, Providence and CH Sd St. Theresa's institutions walk upright in perfect obedience; with salvation, wisdom, fear, love, holiness, faith and Most High Holy Lord Almighty King Yahweh and Lord Yahshua. The Staff or other members of higher order with any blemish be kept away from serving the institutes.

Date April 22, 2016
Email rajkumarpunuri777@gmail.com
Country India
Comments Dear Brother in Christ Greetings in Jesus Precious name.I(RajaKumar.Punuri) from JonnalaGadda Village,Narasaraopet Mandal, Guntur District,AndhraPradesh. past 4 years I preparing competitive exams and I wrote so many exams but I didn't get job.March 9th 2015 I wrote RRB Secunderabad Assistant Loco Pilot Aptitude exam.till now i am waiting for result.my Roll Number is 3131297.I Request you please for me to get job through this exam.i am waiting for mercy of Jesus Christ. Thanking You . Yours Brother RAJAKUMAR.

Date March 30, 2016
Name Raghavendra Reddy SM
Email smsrreddy008@gmail.com
City Hyderabad
Country India
Comments Regarding changing job and success in new job role and infertility problem in my life and my wife (Elizabeth Rani 0Helth and my self.

Date February 27, 2016
Name Rohit Jaiswal
Email rohitjaiswal282@gmail.com
City Delhi
Country India
Comments Dear Sir, I want to have a deep connection with my Lord Jesus Christ. My soul thirsts for Him. I want to see Him. I want to hear His voice. When I will come before Him? Please pray for me. Regards, Rohit

Date February 21, 2016
Name b
Email berjur284@gmail.com
City zagreb
Country croatia
Comments My face is swallen because of paresys and long ago i went to see muslim prists..i know that it is a sin and whichcraft and i repent but my face is still swallen And my husband and i live separately because we do not.have home normmoney tomlive togwther

Date February 16, 2016
Name Ankala naveenraj
Email naveenrajrvr@gmail.com
City Guntur
Country India
Comments I completed my btech in 2013.I still dont have job.Please pray for my job.I depressed a lot.My percentage is very good but i still dont have job.NO PEACE IN MY LIFE.

Date February 12, 2016
Name K Charlie Williams
Email williams.kuntam@gmail.com
City Eluru
Country India
Comments Please pray for all Indians to have more fear and love in Yahweh

Date January 10, 2016
Name shahbaaz
Email shahbaazkhan2208@gmail.com
City karimnagar,godavarikhani
Country india
Comments I have no visiin in my right eye i lost that vision since seven years ago please pray for me so that my faith will will be increased if my vusiin is back.and basically am a muslim but stated knkwing about jesus since 1 year back,i saw so many people recovering,healings in peayer meetings i too have a problem if i get my vision back i sacrifice my life and i lreach gospel till my last breath.AMEN

Date December 22, 2015
Name Rajitha
Email rajithac.appstech@gmail.com
City Hyderabad
Country India
Comments Dear Brother/Sister, I'm waiting to get married.Would wish to get a soulmate as per GOD willingness and blessings. Im unable to take a decision on this. Requesting to pray for my marriage which was expecting in 2016 Thanks, Rajitha

Date December 4, 2015
Email saidulu.polampalli@gmail.com
City khammam
Country india
Comments praise the lord and i have epilipsy disease since my childhood so pray for me tio heal the disease in the name lord jesus christ

Date November 24, 2015
Name Sumithra Suresh
Email suresh.sumithra@gmail.com
City Hyderabad
Country India
Comments I am from hyderabad and have been going through a dark period since the last two years. My heath has been effected and I do not have peace of mind. Please pray for me so that I can come out of these problems and grow toward devotion to the Lord

Date November 13, 2015
Email palemedical@gmail.com
Country INDIA
Comments Subject: PRAYER REQUEST Beloved Brother / Sister in Christ Jesus our Lord, We greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The lord is mercifully caring for us and guiding us in His work. My Name is Sukhwinder Pal, my Wife Name is Renu and I have two Daughters, Parul and Diya. I belong to a Hindu Family. I am a follower of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ since 1989. We are going through some Financial Crisis in Business. In all the works we do, Satan create problems in our works and our works never go successful. What ever I start it stops in between, I am failed in everything and I dont know how Im going to face the future. Please Pray for the people who Disturb and Distress me and my family directly or indirectly very much and cause harm to us. Every person becomes our enemy even though we have no link with them. PLEASE PRAY FOR: My Business. My Familys Health. Education of my Daughters. (Parul is in XII Commerce and Diya is studying in Vth Class) and God bless them with wisdom and

Date November 12, 2015
Name sravanthi
Email sravanthi869@gmail.com
City guntur
Country indial
Comments dear brother'sand sister's praise the lord......please pray for my sister swathi .she is pregnant (9th month).please pray for normal delivery,health and baby health with god's will for glory of god...thank you praise the lord

Date October 23, 2015
Name Khandavalli Hepsiba
Comments Please pray for: 1. Spiritual growth so as to grow in more fear, love and faith in Lord Almighty King Jehovah. 2. Sister's marriage and job according to HIS plans. 3. Marriage and job according to HIS plans. 4. HIS ministry. 5. Fiance's job and Spiritual growth. 6. Parents' Health and their Ministry. 7. To resolve all disputes peacefully.

Date October 7, 2015
Name vallepu narendra
City kadapa
Country andhra pradesh
Comments PRAISE THE LORD..I had low sperm and I have no children. Please cure my problems and give childrens.

Date September 27, 2015
Name garapati satish
Email naveengarapati@gmail.com
City vijayawada
Country india
Comments kidney stones plz pray

Date September 22, 2015
Name victor babu
Email victorsljc@gmail.com
City Bangalore
Country india
Comments I have severe skin disease that is making my body weak.Presently,I lost strength of my left hand and leg. I request you to pray for me.

Date September 3, 2015
Name matta. vijay kumar
Email mattavijaykumar08@gmail.com
City vijayawada
Country india
Comments please pray for my family solvation please father:M.RAMARAO mother:M.PRABHAVATHI brother:m. purna chandrarao brother:M.VIJAY KUMAR sister:M.SRAVANI BABBY:M.RAJA SUDHARANI SRAVYA JOSHEP

Date September 1, 2015
Name Solomon Raj
City bhimadole
Country india
Comments I'm not a bright student I'm in 10 class so pray for me every time thank you in the name of God

Date September 1, 2015
Name suman
Email suman2steven@gmail.com
City hyderabad
Country india
Comments please pray for my education

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