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Date January 19, 2011
Name june sgarzi
Address 650 alligator drive
City venice
State fl
Country USA
Comments this is a letter I have in my bible written by Cathy. " I wanted to write you all this note to let you know how much I appreciate everything you all have done to help and support my family. I have a hard time telling other people what you all have done because it makes me veryemotional. When I'm asked about having support, besides my mother &family, I tell everyone the biggest support comes from Memorial School parents and my son"s teacher Mrs. Desautels. People tell me that it shows what type of person I am. I quickly respond that this is Michael"s first year of school & these people don't even know me. It's not a reflection of the person I am, but the kind of person you all are. Every time I getoff the phone with one of the parents I cry because I can't believe how kind and loving you all are. I received a card in the mail today and I wanted to share it because it's how I feel about all of you. I thanked the Lord for you Today,for the hands that give so much, for your kind and gentle spirit, andyour gentle, caring touch.

Date June 1, 2009
Name patricia milano
Address 1946 washington street, #436
City newton
State mass

Date November 24, 2008
Name Jennifer Dodd
Address 1956 Waterford Place
City Hoover
State Alabama
Country USA
Comments I am so proud this vision has come to fruition and am so proud of my family members who have worked so hard to make Hope Lodge a reality and a welcoming place for those who are facing cancer. You all are making such a positive difference in the lives of others.

Date August 11, 2008
Name Joe Lauricella
Comments I would like to thank everyone who has donated to this charity. I Rosemarie brother I know she would be very pround of all of you. Thanks and God Bless

Date July 17, 2008
Name June Sgarzi
Address 650 Alligator Drive
City Venice
State Florida
Country usa
Comments We look forward to seeing all our friends and family at the 4th annual golf tournament. Please save the date.

Date October 29, 2007
Name Cindy Hansen
Address 17 Schaffner Lane
City Dover
State MA
Comments Thanks to everyone who takes the time and effort to donate to this wonderful charity.

Date March 25, 2007
Name Shawn Powers
Address 48 Allen Street
City Arlington
State MA
Country USA