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Date January 3, 2014
Name alex finkelstein
Comments Just dropping by to say hello and to thank you for still being in business to help computer illiterates such as myself.

Date June 11, 2012
Name Gil Theriault
Comments Thanks Don, you were there for me when we lived in Lake county FL and itís nice to still have you help me now that were living in Anderson county, SC. Gil.

Date March 19, 2011
Comments Hey Don!! Greetings, hope all is well! We still have to do lunch, or dinner, but no dog!!!haha Thom

Date December 7, 2010
Name Joe Ortlip
Comments hey Don, I'm very sorry to hear about your wife. I remember meeting you when I was still living in florida about 5 years ago. Since then I had to move back up to Jersey. I visit your web site frequently. You really are a computer expert to me.

Date April 23, 2010
Name Ed Moran
Comments Just opened your page for the first time. Looks very interesting. Will have to study some of your suggestions.

Date March 18, 2010
Name Ken Melhado
Comments Don, Very sorry for your loss.........not sure what to say to ease the pain, so I will Pray for your comfort in these diffucult times.

Date March 17, 2010
Name cheryl morgan
Comments So sorry to hear of your loss. You are in our prayers along with your family. We will be away for a few weeks but we'll be calling on you when we need help whenever you are ready. Sincerely yours, Cheryl and Bill Morgan

Date February 2, 2010
Name Jim Middleton
Comments Thanks for trying to help us gooberheads that don't know what we are doing!!!

Date January 14, 2010
Name bill ruger
Comments Don, thank you for being there, when we were lost in what to do with our computer. In the past you have talked us through alot of problems by phone. I was glad when I got to finally meet you.

Date November 20, 2009
Name Phil Withrow
Comments Don, You have no idea how Irene and I appreciate what you have done for us. My new machine and what you have done to it has made it a dream. Nobody out there is better than and I tell all that I can. Thanks. Phil

Date September 9, 2009
Comments Thank you for being here for us.

Date July 6, 2009
Name JoAnn Williams Endress
Comments I am a bit slow, just found this site. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Date July 3, 2009
Name Bill Neeley
Comments Great service, great people, able to leap tall computers, and repiar my mistakes. Thanks again

Date June 6, 2009
Name Wade Freeman
Comments Mike Allsbrook's brother in law..Don't hold this against me.

Date February 18, 2009
Name Mike & Billie
Comments Great job and wonderful service for those of us that struggle with computers. Thanks for all you do to support us with your advise and knowledge. Keep well!!

Date January 22, 2009
Name H. Mitchell
Comments Thank you for this/your informative WEB site.

Date November 19, 2008
Name TJ Fallon
Comments Thanx for all you do.

Date November 8, 2008
Name Chris Pergolini
Comments DON, YOU ARE MY "HERO"!

Date October 29, 2008
Comments You are absolutely the friend ! ! !