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Date January 16, 2009
Name Tim Bise
Home Page
City Peoria
State Arizona
Comments Very nice truck, it's good to see restorations. I also have an 1959 Dodge, but is rare step-side W100 4 x 4 dualie. Originally a special order truck for the Orange County (CAL)Fire Dept. with flat 8 engine, and Army truck 3 ton dual rear dif. I purchased 35 yrs ago, garaged ever since.

Date December 31, 2008
Name Jim P.
Home Page
City Browning
State Montana
Country U.S.A.
Comments Just surfin' around looking for ideas for my '55 dually. it's got a small V8 now, gonna have a BIG one soon.

Date November 16, 2008
Name Vic Gaggini
Home Page
City Winnipeg
State Manitoba
Country Canada
Comments Awesome Job

Date November 14, 2008
Name Don Martin
Home Page
City Tampa
State Florida
Country USA
Comments your B-Cuda looks great

Date June 1, 2008
Name AC
Home Page
City Muncie
State IN
Country USA
Comments I love this car. I have a 69 myself and was looking on the net to see how others have customized theirs. I have to say this is a sweet car. Great Work!

Date March 27, 2008
Name prestoncanady
Home Page albertgallatin
City masontown
State pennsylavia
Country masontown

Date December 5, 2007
Name Rick Arruda
Home Page N/A
City Westerly
State R.I.
Country U.S.
Comments This website is VERY cool!!!! I've ALWAYS loved in progress pics!!!! SWEET bunch of cars!!!! GREAT JOB, GUYS!!!!

Date October 20, 2007
Name Douglas Caple
Home Page
City vero beach
State fl
Comments Thanks for the site !! informative. I have a 55 Dodge and a fresh Hemi (2006) 15,000 miles ..not sure I want to swap in the hemi but answer this if you could. Could I use the complete motor ..trans ..frame and parts on some after market fiberglass body? I have everything from a 2006 Durango Chassis except the body parts...I wnat to use as much as possible...They make some large Glass Sedan Delivery and trucks that might be fabricated into place if you can cause I have muscle and brain but no experience!! Thank you so much Doug

Date September 7, 2007
Name MarK Phynque
Home Page SouthBay Mopars
City Hawthorne
State Confusion
Country Yes
Comments Neat web site.

Date August 12, 2007
Name Cathy Lewis
Home Page
City Sky Valley
State Ca.
Country Riverside
Comments way cool job.

Date July 14, 2007
Name Mark
Home Page
City Mission Viejo
State Ca
Country Orange
Comments I'm doing a 55 pick up myself that we are droping a 440 into would like to swap pics with you Please e mail me with more info on your 55 truck Keep up the GOOD work Mopar forever!!!!!

Date April 26, 2007
Name Morris Bernstein
Home Page
City Torrance
State CA
Country UA
Comments Very impressive web site, well done Robert.