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Date October 19, 2013
Name Dolores Scaletta
Comments I seldom saw Paul, but when I did - we talked, laugh and had fun vising. I will miss him and his funny jokes.

Date March 10, 2012
Name Greg Sulgit
Comments Having been privileged to be Paul's Confirmation sponsor, I always felt sort of a father figure to him, especially after Vince's death. Paul knew well how much I enjoyed his love of cars, their speed and loud sound, especially. God better put on ear muffs if He expects Paul to sit and listen to his favorite CDs or tapes. God bless all!!!

Date March 7, 2012
Name Michelle Seeley
Comments Paul helped me get my first *very own* handpicked car, a bright red Mazda RX-7. I was only 22, and knew next to nothing about cars, but Paul was happy to share his time and talent with me. We spent a few weekends replacing this and that, and trying to figure out that good looking but temperamental brat of a car. I like to think that the car was as much of a guilty pleasure for him as it was for me. During these weekends I learned much about cars and more about Paul. He loved discovering and learning new things, and was so happy to be able to share his knowledge with others. I think he got a kick out of life, and just wanted to spread that joy around. During one particular day, we replaced something electrical to solve one issue, and randomly something else seemingly unrelated started working as well. I was baffled and filled with questions and OCD-esque concerns as to why this should be so. Paul simply laughed with absolute glee and said "Don't question it, just Accept it." And that is the best memory I have of

Date March 3, 2012
Name Lisa
Comments it's really strange to be here without paul. he was always in my thoughts, though i did not reach out to him as much as i should have, in hindsight. i'm very proud he made a life for himself in denver and i wish him the very best in his continuing journey.