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Date November 21, 2009
Name John R. Hayes
Comments William MacDonald was my teacher at the Discipleship Intern Training Program arranged by Fairhaven Bible Chapel in San Leandro, California in 1976-77. He lived what he preached. My dear wife Helen and our six children had the great privilege of celebrating his 60th birthday in our home.

Date September 22, 2008
Name fred
Comments how can i develop love life within me and people around me

Date September 1, 2008
Name keijo
Comments If our heart will condemns us,let us know that God is greatets what our heart is,and know allthings of us and of people all around us and he knows how our future will be too,so letvus love him and obey word of life winning the sinners hearts to him,thanks and bless and hope,pray,keijo sweden

Date August 3, 2008
Name Michael Long
Comments The Lord blessed me and my family tremendously by giving us the privilege to know this man. I confess I did not appreciate him enough while he was on this earth. Thanks be to the Lord, who gave us such a man so conformed to the image of His Son.

Date July 28, 2008
Name Steve Walker
Comments I had the privilege of being taught and discipled by Bill in the 1988-89 Discipleship Internship Training Programme at Fairhaven. His life and writing continue to be a vital part of my life and ministry in Sydney, Australia.

Date June 14, 2008
Name Jeanne
Comments I am sorry to learn of William MacDonald's passing. The Believer's Bible Commentary has been an invaluable resource through the years in helping me to better understand the scriptures. It is written in such a way to inform as well as inspire. Only someone who truly loved the Lord could have written it.

Date April 4, 2008
Name Hal Seppala
Comments As a new Christian back in 1980, I profited much from William MacDonald's clear and "minimum words" presentation of Bible truths. I like his occasional "pyramids" of key verses. As others have mentioned, his "Believer's Bible Commentary" is a great reference. God bless him and his ongoing ministry.

Date March 31, 2008
Name Elsa Francis
Comments What lovely memories came to mind as I thought of Bill and his ministry to a young wife so many years ago. He was always present in the Joy of the Lord and now he is present with the Lord of the Joy; in the presense of the Almighty.

Date March 21, 2008
Name Martha Miller
Comments I just finished reading "True Discipleship" and I was so blessed. I have never met this man, and I am very sad to have such a committed disciple of Jesus leave us (but I'm sure he is glad to be in the presence of his Lord). However, his absolute abandonment to Jesus and fully trusting God for everything is not practiced today with all the "money management" seminars, workshops, and etc. It's sad that Christians have gotten swept up in the false beliefs that you have to have IRAs, money market accounts, and other worldly "investments" rather than trusting God for their futures.

Date March 12, 2008
Name Samuel (Kye Seob) Song, Bangkok
Comments I know it is too late to say something of Bill. But I can't help expressing my good memory of him, who had equipped me back in 93/94 in DITP. He surely demonstrated us how to become Lord's true desciples for God's kingdom through his own life.We all would agree that though he passed away to be with the Lord in the invisible kingdom, but he still even today speaks the Bible Truths to people of this visible world through his disciples as well as through his memorable books. Oh, Lord, help us to trace his goldly steps one at a tme for your glory!

Date March 6, 2008
Comments I have both copies of believers' commentary and I respect the work of brother Bill

Date February 22, 2008
Name Inge Danzeisen
Comments We studied Bill's book "True Discipleship" in our youth group Germany 30 years ago. It challenged me to serve the Lord full time without worrying about life style and daily provisions. Down that road the Lord called me into full time service. Some years ago we were offered this same book in Swahili to publish in our publishing house in Tanzania. It was with another publisher, but no one wanted to do reprint it. So we got our sleeves up and published a revised version of that tremendous book. Since having it on the shelves I was able to tell many customers about the impact the book had on my own life. In the near future we need to rerun another print. PTL for William McDonald and his gift in inspirational wrting.

Date February 19, 2008
Name Ron Beard
Comments When I was a student at Moody in 1961-64, I was gripped by his book "True Discipleship." I also met him at the OM nights of prayer at Emmaus. Even now, I give out his book "Think of Your Future" to HS grads and others. I went to his office at Emmaus for counsel once and the knees on his dress suit were baggy and worn. The counseling was brief, the Knee-time was longer. Now his praise time is Eternal.

Date February 15, 2008
Name S. J. Clarke
Comments A very Godly man who left a wonderful legacy behind in his many books and especially his Belivers Bible Commentary. (One of my favourite commentaries for understanding scripture.)

Date February 9, 2008
Name talaat fikry
Comments hi .how are you all? we pray for your services of the lord.thanks for contacting with me .we all with you about the death of mr.MACDONALD .we don't forget his books that they are boon to us that translated to many languages such as (arabic) .I (talaat fikry)see his books in many countries around the world.we do not forget his services for us .god bless you.(open bretheren church(Egypt) (Talaat Fikry).the lord is near.

Date February 8, 2008
Name marion paton
Comments Enjoyed the privilege of showing hospitality to this great christian when he was in scotland.An inspiration for christian life.

Date February 3, 2008
Name Bethel Bilezikian Charkoudian
Comments Bill was the brother of my father's best and lifelong friend, Ian MacDonald. The last my dad heard from Bill was several years ago when he called Dad (Peter Bilezikian) to inform him of the passing of Ian. I only know Bill through my dad and Ian, and I know that he was brilliant and wonderful.

Date February 2, 2008
Name Ed Garbarino
Comments I read True Discipleship 34 years ago as a new Christian. I was challenged then and continue to be challenged by it today. I know of no other book other than the Bible that left such an impression on me. Bills life was that of a true disciple. He was a living epistle. He lived his life for the Lord Jesus and the fruit of his work and love for the Lord spans heaven and earth.

Date February 2, 2008
Name Nelson
Comments Brethren, I have never seen this great man of God, but I have benefited much from his writings. His study notes, commentaries and books will continue to minister to the needs of the people of God. The unique feature of his writings is the clarity of thought and devotion to the Lord. He could explain even the complicated text easily. May the Lord raise such Bible teachers to fill the gap. In His service Nelson Thomas

Date February 1, 2008
Name David and Jody Ireland
Comments Thank you Bill for all the hard work you put into serving the Lord. Your commentary is a blessing to us and many others. Praise God you are with the Lord awaiting for us to arrive.

Date February 1, 2008
Name Deborah Bingham
Comments Brother MacDonald's personal warmth lifted me. His trust in his Shepherd settled me. His simple lifestyle shames and challenges me. His writings "Keep my head on straight" and feeds me." God used his counsel to guide me.

Date January 31, 2008
Name David and Myrtle Hutchinson
Comments Over twenty five years ago Bill together with Don Robertson visited Ireland. Bill spoke at a conference in our assembly. We had four speakers in total. Today the only message I recall was the one delivered by Bill. It was on the difference between judicial and parental forgiveness. As a result of Bill's visit Myrtle and I attended DITP. There we learnt many more lessons from this great servant of God. With countless others we testify how God touched our lives through this unique servant. Can we also say a big thank you to Don and those who have enabled us to view on the web the funeral and memorial services. We could not be there but we felt we were.

Date January 27, 2008
Name Michael Campo
Comments Throughout my years of teaching the Bible there are many men I have never met but by reading their writings and listening to them speak about our Messiah you become aquainted with them as personally as possible. Mr. MacDonald is one such man. I have purchased over 20 of his ''Believer's Bible Commentary for friends and family. For me I only knew him through his writings and therefore I guess he will live with me as long as I do. Thank you Bill for your study and for teaching me!!!

Date January 24, 2008
Name Nenad Sabol
Comments I was privileged to spend some time with brother Bill during my Intern program at FBC. I will say only one thing about this godly men:"He is for me the most Christlike person I have ever meet." You can not be around this godly men without being influenced for eternity.

Date January 23, 2008
Name Eddie and Peggy Huston
Comments A tremendous blessing and inspiration over the years to us by his ministry, godly and joyful life and writtings.