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Date May 21, 2008
Name k.paulson
City grand rapids
State mi
Country usa
Comments I just received, as a gift, one of your wolf prints.(img 6832) I represent and support Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue in Indiana, so I am very familiar with wolves, their behavior, what they look like very 'up close and personal'. Your work is amazing. The friend that gifted me your print stated that you took these shots in a habitat. We have photographers come to the habitat to shoot, with mixed results. I am very impressed with your work. If you should have time to check out some Wolf Creek shots, try Thanks for your time, keep up the good work. K. Sue Paulson

Date April 27, 2008
Name chelsea hale
City vermontville
State Michigan
Comments Thank you so much for going to our festival. you really inspired me and your pictures make me want to do photography more

Date April 12, 2008
City Holland
State Michigan
Country U.S.A.
Comments Nice Job ,Dallas!

Date February 29, 2008
Name Jeff Landenberger
City Springport
State Michigan
Country USA
Comments Dallas, Thanks again for taking time to talk with me to day at the Novi show. I was the retired Navy photographer asking all the questions. Thanks!

Date February 18, 2008
Name Gary Martin
City Troy
State MI.
Country US
Comments I really enjoyed seeing your photos and it was an honor to talk with you. My girl friend liked your tulips photo I bought for her. Gary Martin

Date October 15, 2007
Name S. Schulkers
City Centerville
State OH
Comments Met at Waynesville Sauerkraut Festival. I was impressed with not only the subjects of your photography, but the composition and clarity. You were so nice to discuss printing, wolf preseves and other aspects of your photography. It's always nice to meet someone that's confident in their work and confortable in sharing their knowledge.

Date October 13, 2007
Name Brian Lamb
City Springboro
State Ohio
Country U.S.A.
Comments Great to see your awesome work in person at the Waynesville,Ohio Sauerkraut festival. I appreciate Gods creations both in nature and the Gifts that God has blessed his two legged creatures with at well. Great work, may God continue to bless you and your works. Sincerely, Brian R. Lamb

Date September 19, 2007
Name Esther Uramkin
Comments Hi! I purchased a photo of the mama moose and her two babies standing in the water at the craft show in Turkeyville. I love it and so did my husband. I just wanted to say I didn't realize until I got home the name of your photography business. "His Handiwork", HOW PERFECT is that. I am assuming you are referring to Psalm 19. You certainly capture the splendor of creation. I am honored to own one of them. eu

Date August 30, 2007
Name Lisa
City Greenville
State MI
Country USA
Comments I met you at the Danish Festival and love the photography you do. I see I can buy some things in stores, but do you have a way to buy from you directly?