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Date January 13, 2017
Name Linda Young
City Brookings
State Or
Country Usa
Comments I only wish you voice will go on forever. Your voice reminds me of so many black artists I love. Thank you for sharing your gift. Peacw

Date December 17, 2016
Name Spider Harrison
City Rancho Cucamonga
State California
Country United States
Comments I played your hit on 15LAC, Nashville, TN during the 70's. "I Love The Night Life" Still on the air in Nashville, "Hippie Radio 94.5" WHPY-FM going into 2017. We are still playing your hit and it still sounds great.

Date August 11, 2016
Name randy owen
City hope
State ar
Country Usa
Comments Glad I found this site.I want to say I have enjoyed your music for many years,especially'I love the night life'. One of my main YouTube videos. My YouTube account is mostly you, Olivia Newton John and Donna Summer. If u tour again I hope I will get to see u and hope for the chance to meet u.

Date July 27, 2016
Name Charles Ray
City Ellenton
State Florida
Country United States
Comments Thank you for your contribution to my past and making it so great!

Date June 26, 2016
Name Grant Dunlop
City New Plymouth
State Taranaki
Country New Zealand
Comments Hi there Alicia, huge longtime fan here in New Zealand love all your music your so talented, amazing and inspiring plus such a lovely lady too so thank you for the pleasure and all the very best.

Date March 20, 2016
Name Richard Evey
City Morganton
State NC
Country USA
Comments I watch a video from the show "Soul Train" with your song "I Love The Night Life". I watch it 3 and 4 times a week, it makes me feel real good. BTW: always had a thing for you.

Date February 27, 2016
Name Marco Walsh
City Scotts Vallet
State CA
Country USA
Comments Alicia - I picked up your old hit LP based on a a basic familiarity with "I Love the Nightlife." Put on the record, cranked it up, and BAM! What a deliciously powerful funky rock album. Just wanted to know that this late bloomer is digging on your groove, keeping it spinning, and hoping you still do live shows! You are beautiful and rockin my world. THANK YOU!

Date January 13, 2016
Name Sian Howells
City Rochdale
State Greater Manchester
Country United Kingdom
Comments My BFF is giving me your LP cannot wait to sit back, relax and 'enjoy the nightlife'. from, Your big fan, SIAN

Date December 10, 2015
Name scott voelzing
City ottawa
State Ontario
Country Canada
Comments Hi Alicia, I'm from Ottawa Canada; as a student back in the late 80's I was studying mainly classical piano, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. I recall your 'Love the Nightlife' on the radio and it captivated me with your wonderful voice, emotion and energy. I became increasingly interested in more popular genres as a result. Coming across your web and hearing your voice brought a smile to my face and to be happy surprise, I see your're performing. I get to the Southern U.S. frequently- love to see you in concert. All the best- Scott Voelzing, Canada

Date November 30, 2015
Name Craig Porteils
City Sydney
State NSW
Country Australia
Comments Hi Alicia its nice to be writing in your guest book. My friend, Steph and I where looking you up on you tube and we are so ecstatic watching the performances of you singing I love the night life. Its such a great song and your singing is unbelievable. We love everything about you. x

Date October 27, 2015
Name Kirk McNeill
City Nashville
State TN
Country USA
Comments Hi Alicia. Kirk McNeill here. I directed you and the Young Crew at Junaluska many moons ago. I still direct here in Nashville. I am glad to see that all is well with you. Kirk.

Date October 13, 2015
Name Drew Dekle
City Athens
State GA
Country United States
Comments Hope you'll see this comment: I have a copy of your Album, Play it as it Lays that you gave me in 1979 or 1980. I sold you a Christmas Tree in Atlanta as a 10 year old kid and remember you. I still have it and enjoy it from time to time. Best regards, Drew Dekle, Athens, GA

Date July 9, 2015
Name Joan Maxwell
City Kansas City
State MO
Country USA
Comments My favorite "I Love The Nightlife" memory is stellar. My partner (at the time) and I drove from Kansas City to Georgia to attend the Southern Women's Music and Comedy Festival and the absolute highlight was watching you take the stage and experiencing Alicia Bridges LIVE!!! True celebrity! I even have photos of you taken with my old Kodak 110 camera. That was maybe 1984 or 1985. I am still a HUGE women's music fan and fan of all music performed by women. I'm currently serving on the board of the Kansas City Women's Chorus and learned tonight that the theme for our big fundraiser in August is "We Love the Nightlife". I asked if this was inspired by "I Love the Nightlife" and the exact response - "Well, duh! It's the greatest song ever!". I so agree. I still love the song and the wonderful trip I am taken down memory lane whenever I hear of it. Thank you so much!!. Joan PS - If it would be possible to score a signed CD or photo to raffle at the event - that would be amazing. If not - still a fan!!

Date June 15, 2015
Name Michael
City Stelle
State Niedersachsen
Country Germany
Comments Dear Alicia, I loved "I Love the Nightlife" when I was 18 and didn't dare to be gay. Still love it now that I'm 56. It is 2 a.m. and I'm listening to some great tunes on youtube. Love - Michael

Date May 20, 2015
Name Toni Sumner
City Savannah
State Georgia
Country United States
Comments Thanks for the memories and music !

Date May 3, 2015
Name Jim Boynton
City Gig Harbor
State Washington
Country USA
Comments Wow, My Fantastic Nightlife moment...where to start...Seeing THE ALICIA BRIDGES in San Francisco many moons ago honey, more blue moons than I could count....I am a happy,proud,and married gay man age now 60 somethng please....I am still wired since studio 54 came out on satelite, and now a twist Utophia....Priscilla and Love At First Bit continue as they repeat themselves on media...inspire my AGELess nightlife Alicia, you started this journey Alicia.Ray My Hubby says TaTa

Date April 27, 2015
Name jeff
City hunlock creek
State pa
Country usa
Comments Dear Alicia, In 1978 I heard 'Nightlife' while roller skating in a skating rink. At age 14, we were there every Friday and Saturday night. I loved your song the first time I heard it. Later I enjoyed playing the tunes at the rink and then in a club. Thanks for the music! Love and Hugs, Jeff

Date April 23, 2015
Name Kimberly Dierks
City fife
State Washington
Country usa
Comments Thankyou so much to Miss Bridges for her wonderful music and angelic voice. I first heard "the nightlife" when I was 13 and was amazed by her voice and thought she was so cool. I'm now 33 and finally bought the album on lp and am blown away at her amazing sexy voice and songwriting. And I do have to say I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful women than on that album cover.

Date April 22, 2015
Name christopher crow
City chandler
State in
Country united states
Comments Dear Alicia, You are one of the best singers. I have all of you music on those old wonderful records and cds. keep up the good work. You may not know it but you are making a difference in peoples lives. When i feel down ,i put on your music and drift off to a better place. thank you so much and god bless, sincerely Christopher Crow

Date April 20, 2015
Name Bee Ross
City Murray
State KY
Country USA
Comments Alicia!!!! I have waited...30 years to say hello to you! No joke! One of my very first memories, is being on a cruise vacation with my mom and sister, and I had a huge crowd gathered around me. I was dancing around to Play It As It Lays!! In hindsight, a cute 4 year old boy dancing around to disco would be adorable...but at the time, I was serious! Haha! I had no idea who you were, or what the song was about, I was just about the boogie! 30 years later...I have all of your original vinyl and I'm making my mom relive her party days (that she will never full admit to!!). My mom, myself, and my sisters have so much fun with your music. Of course, now I know the meaning of the songs, and I have most certainly known who you are for a long time now...but I have never had the honor of meeting you or telling you how much fun your work/fun has given us over here in Hee-Haw Kentucky. You really helped me develop a sense of humor and power about being gay in a small, southern area. I guess this internet thing will have to do as for a meeti

Date December 31, 2014
Name Brian C
City Seattle
State WA
Country USA
Comments I naturally bought the first album for "I Love the Nightlife" of course. However, I discovered a song that I would come to love even more-"Self Applause". I had just moved to Atlanta that year (1981) from a small hick town in SC. I was 17 and I thought I was so sophisticated and urbane and gonna conquer the world. And you were right there with me with "Self Applause". Your voice and phrasing on that song were just magical to me. Even now, I can put that song on, close my eyes and I'm 17 all over again for about 3 mins or so. Thanks for that! P.S. I also saw you dj a couple of times as well. I think at Neighbors and the Sportspage(?). It was so long ago, I forget. But I always wanted to tell you about this back then...better late than never, I suppose. Bri C.

Date November 17, 2014
Name Scotty
City Houston
State TX
Country USA
Comments's been SUPER fun connecting with you on Facebook. You've brought back so many wonderful memories of my coming out in the 80's and it has been so fun listening to all your tunes the last few weeks. Thank you for continuing to bring so much joy to our lives! I hope one day we will finally be able to meet in person! Love and hugs, Scotty

Date July 26, 2014
Name Chad Marshall
City Ny
State Ny
Country USA
Comments Can't believe you have this wonderful website! Have been a fan for ages!

Date July 21, 2014
Name Colin
City Rotorua
State Bay of Plenty
Country New Zealand
Comments Love your music. One of my all time favorite songs is I love the nightlife. Always brings back good memories of the 70's.

Date July 10, 2014
Name Alice Elrod
City New Orleans
State Louisiana
Country US
Comments Alicia will always be my favorite! Keep on rocking in the free world! Xo