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Date February 27, 2015
Name Gary Hunter
City las vegas
State nevada
Comments Hi was a dependent on Glasgow Afb from 66-68 lived at 96 Pine st. my teacher was Mrs. Steckler hung out with Winfred Jerry, played little league baseball for Red Sox, any old friends drop a line.

Date January 28, 2015
Name Richard Owen
City Oconomowoc
State Wiscosnin
Comments Like to hear from anyone from my time, November 1960 to November 1962. Flight simulator section.

Date November 3, 2014
Name John Huggins, MSgt USAF, Ret
City Greenvile
State TX
Comments My first assignment after tech school. Great squadron, lots of great folks to work with.

Date August 31, 2014
Name James Moore
City Doylestown
State PA
Comments MOS was 46250, Armament or Weapons Shop from around June of 1964 to January of 1966. SMsgt Cork was our head enlisted and I remember a 1st Lt. Prudhome was our shop officer. Colonel Flake was our Squadron Commander and I got to fly with a Capt. Singleton down to Tyndall and back to deliver some WISM's and MSR's for William Tell Weapons Meet there. Remember very cold winters and the band down at Wolf Point. I was told by someone I knew there that Glasgow has pretty much gone back to the Native Americans. Always wanted to go back but never have.

Date June 28, 2014
Name Mike demings
City Eugene
State Or
Comments In eureka springs Arkansas at cadet field saw a f100b. It reminded me of my dad so I started digging around and seeing if my dad crew chiefed on this particular plane. Then I found your site! It was amazing to see his pick again that I have seen so many times in the past. He pastes away about 8 years ago at 65 from a stroke very suddenly. If anyone new my father I would love to hear stories about him. He had a friend named Leon linsey I beleive he worked for the FAA for a long time if that helps jog memories. James moved to eugene after the air force and lived in the area till he passed. Worked for sheppard motors as a service manager for 32 years till march2000 then him and I bought jims tools service and I see still run it today. Please any stories or anything will be awesome!

Date May 16, 2014
Name Merv Tvinnereim
City Sun City West
State AZ
Comments Sorry to hear about Bill. I last saw him at the reunion in San Antonio. His observations and contributions on the 13th FIS are immeasurable.

Date March 14, 2014
Name Dale Good
City Potlatch
State Id
Comments I was at Glasgow AFB from 1961-1963 lot's of memories there I was call Chester then from the move gunsmoke hope to connect with some of the guys I serve with

Date February 16, 2014
Name Dave FMany good memories eller
City Durango
State Colorado
Comments Many good memories of Glasgow..good people..good flying

Date February 16, 2014
Name dave feller
City durango
State colorado
Comments good times at glasgow good people good flying!!

Date January 28, 2014
Name James Phillips
City Mauriceville
State Texas
Comments I was at Glasgow from 66 to 68. Wasn't with FIS but would like to know if anyone knows of a site where people who were at Glasgow can try to track down people they served with.

Date January 21, 2014
Name Scott Harrington
City Molino
State Florida
Comments Does anyone have any recollection if HH-43B #62-4510 was assigned to the ARS Detachment at Glasgow prior to it being shipped to Da Nang? Just trying to confirm. Thanks, Scott Harrington

Date January 17, 2014
Name Cecil Bright
City Casper
State WY
Comments So sorry to hear about Bill. I have fond memories of him, especially taking his money playing pinochle.

Date January 15, 2014
Name Susan W. Hensley
City Greenfield
State IN. 46140
Comments William Gary Hensley "Bill" died on December 8, 2013. He suffered a chronic illness. He so loved the 13th FIS and devoted many days of his life planning and collaborating for the reunion in Dayton. He was dedicated throughout his life to the U.S. Air Force. He is greatly missed by family and friends. Thank you, Susan

Date January 1, 2014
Name Cecil Bright
City Casper
State Wy
Comments Happy new year 2014 to all the Black Bulls

Date November 11, 2013
Name Dennis A Cannon
City Davie
State FL
Comments Member of 13th FIS from 1965 - 1968. Worked the MG13 Flt line maint.

Date October 22, 2013
Name Roberta Rothwell
City Sharon
State MA
Comments Well, the 2013 reunion went well. Our numbers were down due to last minute illnesses of some of the 13th FIS family. Although the national sites were closed, Skip Ball was able to organize trips to Boeing, St. Charles, MO and Grant's Farm. Everyone had a great time and the Mystery Theatre dinner was hysterically funny. The next reunion will be in Dallas in 2015 with Skip Ball and I organizing the reunion. We'll keep you posted. Hope you can make the next reunion.

Date May 7, 2013
Name Bruce Rutschke
City Eagan
State Minnesota
Comments Hi I was in Air Police at Glasgow AFB from Oct 1960 to May 1964. I was in the 13th FIS until April 1963 when we were transferred to the 91st Combat defence Sq (SAC) Many good memories of Glasgow, However it was cold in the Winter many bugs in the summer.

Date March 26, 2013
Name Thomas Michele
City Tomah
State WI
Comments Was AGE technician/mechanic in AGE Shop May 1965-April 1968; as SrAmn

Date March 25, 2013
Name Ivan Blackman
City Valparaiso
State Indiana
Comments I can't believe that I stumbled accross this site this morning. I was checking weather reports and saw the Glasgow name come up and took the time to google the base. I was with the 91st from 66 to 68 and helped close the base down. I have always wanted to get back up that way to see what ever happened to the facility. Thanks for the wonderful memories and photos.

Date March 12, 2013
Name Ernest Green
City Ellsworth
State IL
Comments I was stationed at GAFB, 13 FIS, com/nav section, from Oct 61 - Dec 62, then transfered to R-G AFB Kansas City. 29th Air HQ. I worked flight line repair of com/nav equip, on F101's. I preferred the outside work, even tho it was very cold in winter, 42 below one morning. Mack Jackson, Joe Seich, Bob Brown, Paul Zoeller, Jim Rothwell, were just a few I remember. A couple of my roomates were crew chiefs of voodoos, but can't remember their names. Any one from that period I would like to hear from you. Mack Jackson got to ride in R/O seat of 229, for winning maintance man of the month.

Date February 12, 2013
Name Roberta Rothwell
City Sharon
State MA
Comments The date is set for the reunion in St. Louis for October 9th - 13th, 2013. The venue is the Crowne Plaza Downtown Hotel with a rate of $109/night plus taxes. This rate includes breakfast two breakfast vouchers, free parking and free high speed internet. We will notify you when the hotel is ready to accept reservations. I am sending out letters or e-mails to all people listed on the roster with contact info for myself and Ray. Please let us know if you are interested in attending the reunion.

Date January 26, 2013
Name Steading Walter W.
City Loris
State S.C.
Comments a red bull from 1953 Selfridge AFB, Mi. I would like to attend a reunion.

Date January 12, 2013
Name Roberta Rothwell
City Sharon
State ma
Comments The venue in Hampton, VA became a no-go for the reunion. Skip Ball, having already been contacted by the Crowne Plaza in St. Louis, is talking to them about a specific date for the reunion there. Jim and I will be working with Skip and communicating with you when things are definite. If you have changed your e-mail and didn't notify us, let me know at this e-mail address or at Jim's: Thanks

Date January 10, 2013
Name Ray "Skip" Ball
City Paris
State Texas
Comments Dear readers... If you are reviewing this site we hope you enjoy the old memories. It would be even better if you are somehow connected to the 13 th FIS regardless of location, WE ENCOURAHR YOU TO JOIN US AT THE NEXT REUNION. We need you and your new memories I'm sure your old friends will remember new stories once you get together. Get off the fence and come on down. Of course families are welcome. You might be surprised THEY might see you in a new light, you be the judge. We aren't getting any younger, but some of these memories will fool us for a little while. Don't loose the opportunity to once again remember the good and bad (cold) times that will be refreshed by participating. WHAT THE #$@%! WAS ALL OF THAT? See what happens when you get old remember use it or loose it. Get refreshed whild you still can. I'm certainly not a good example. Hope to see you at the next Reunion.

Date January 8, 2013
Name Bobby Owens
City Warner Robins
State Ga 31093
Comments I was in the 13th FIS about March of 1960 to Oct 1962. I was friends with Bob Brewer and my room mates were Doug Gainey and Van Mullinax. I worked with Dale Noakes and Lynn Trewolla. I was also friends with John Vandiver who worked in the orderly room.I ran up on John Burns in Vietnam in 1966. He was the first maint officer I worked for. He was killed in Vietnam I am sorry to say. I have enjoyed your website am may see some of you in October!! God Bless!!!