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Date March 21, 2013
Name Alan Rioux
City Philadelphia
State PA
Comments I bought a Glovemate at The Sports Authority for myself several years ago and I just bought one for my son who plays high school ball. Good product that really works.

Date February 10, 2013
Name Emilie Stoddard
City San Diego
State CA
Comments I use your sting stopper Glovemate every game. Several of my teammates do too. It fits my hand perfectly and works great!

Date June 5, 2012
Name Jeremy Fultz
City Attica
State Michigan
Comments Great product. Bought mine years ago. Please check out, very important.

Date March 25, 2012
Name Daryl Bashum
City Glendale
State CA
Comments Just purchased your Stop the Sting (Glovemate) several weeks ago. Works great and I only wish I had one the last few years. I play men's softball but I am ordering one more for my son who is a good high school player.

Date June 12, 2011
Name Mike Stillwater
City Columbia
State S. Carolina
Comments I have used a glovemate through high school and now college ball. It's a part of my game gear. It really makes a difference and protects my palm and hand. super product.

Date April 2, 2011
Name Chad Carter
City Knoxville
State TN
Comments Super product. I saw a catcher for the Twins wearing a Glovemate during a spring training game in Florida so I bought one. This is exactly what I needed. I'll spread the word about your product to my team mates.

Date November 15, 2010
Name Carter Bowman
City Pittsburgh
State PA
Comments Your Glovemate product does work well. I coach AAU baseball and have purchased your sting-stop product for several of my players. They use it and like it very much. P.S. I am on your website ordering three more tonight.

Date September 7, 2010
Name Jerry Barksdale
City Richmond
State VA
Comments I coach a senior league baseball team. I bought 2 Glovemates for my catcher and short stop. They like them so much that several of my other players are using them as well. I wear Glovemate to warm up my pitchers... Great product!

Date August 3, 2010
Name Carter Hightower
City St. Louis
State MO
Comments My college teammates use Glovemate. I hope it works for me just as much. Please send the two Glovemates I ordered right away.

Date August 2, 2010
Name Kasey Crook
City Miami
State Florida
Comments I've played softball since I could pick up a bat when I was three. Once I started to play in middle school and especially high school, being a first baseman took its toll on my hand. I started to use Glovemate and swore by it. I never stepped foot on the field without one. I tell all my friends and family from young ages to college ball and not one person has said they didn't like it. It's inexpensive, and most of all works! Best seven dollars you'll spend - especially if it cuts down the bruises and pain.

Date August 2, 2010
Name Chad Cormier
City Sterling Heights
State MI
Comments Good job dog! Glovemate is the only product that really works to keep my hand from bruising. I am a catcher so my hand was always beat up until I used your product.

Date July 31, 2010
Name Meagan Trujillo
City Houston
State TX
Comments I use Glovemate all the time when I play. I have played softball for 8 years and Glovemate keeps my hand from hurting. I learned about Glovemate from my teammate. I will use Glovemate in college next year as well.

Date July 27, 2010
Name Chris Brockmeyer
City Cleveland
State OH
Comments Your Glovemate does the job! I am a high school pitcher and outfielder. I have used your "stop the sting" product for the last 2 years. I just ordered another one on your site. My sister uses a Glovemate to play high school softball. A+++

Date July 25, 2010
Name Darren Stevenson
City Richmond
State VA
Comments I just ordered a new Glovemate from you. Dick's Sports was out of your product. This thing works great!

Date July 24, 2010
Name Steven Morrow
City Atlanta
State GA
Comments I am the coach of a 16 & under baseball team. I purchased your Glovemate "stop the sting" product for two of our players. It worked so well that other players have ordered Glovemate from you as well.