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Date April 12, 2010
Name gabrielle hanson
Email xxgabgabxx@aol.com
City san jose
State california
Country usa
Pets 2 dogs, 1 tortoise
Notes... your website is so rich in information i enjoyed looking at it. I was recommended by Dr. Rodda to look at it and i'm glad i did. Thank you.

Date January 27, 2010
Name Julie Hoffman and Sam
Email julie199@aol.com
City Topeka
State Kansas
Country United States
Pets 2 dobermans, 2 rottweilers and a belgian malinois
Notes... Great site and pictures of your baby. Your compassion for your profession shines through this site. Thanks so much for being here!

Date January 13, 2010
Name Claudia Lurie
Email clurie4@aol.com
City Oak View
State Ca
Pets 2 cats, one dog
Notes... Hey Chris So glad to see your website, pictures and all. It's been too long! Glad to see Effany is still in the picture, she must be getting along in years now...but sure looks good. No pet related questions now. Ours give us alot of companionship and fun. They are all unique.

Date December 22, 2009
Name Janet Hayden
Email stargazerjazzbeaux@yahoo.com
City San Jose
State CA
Country USA
Pets Jazzbeaux (Siamese Lynxpoint) and Pinky aka Whistful Stargazer Oriental Shorhair
Notes... Thank you Dr. Lee for your call regarding Jazzbeaux and Pinky. This is a great website and I appreciate you referring me to the sections on Kidney disease and Rubinol. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Janet Hayden

Date November 20, 2009
Name Tina Sanchez-Pelletier
Email Purpleraindrop78@aol.com
City Las Vegas
State Nevada
Country USA
Notes... Hi Dr. Lee, I found this website after my mom put her dog pebbles to sleep. She was very sick. You treated pebbles when she was 9 weeks old. My mom asked me to find you because she wanted to know if you are still practicing. It's nice to see that your using your knowledge and kindness to help people. Take care.

Date November 10, 2009
Name Rose Cassens
Email arcassens@hotmail.com
City Sebastopol
State CA
Country USA
Pets Just fishes
Notes... Browsed through your website. You have a lot of information and noticeably spent a lot of time to develop it. It is a great website. I enjoyed the pictures of Effany.

Date August 13, 2009
Name Rochelle
Email wittlepawz87@hotmail.com
City Mesa
State AZ
Country USA
Pets Pablo, Jensen, Diego, 2 cats
Notes... HI DR. LEE!! I love the site! tons of good true info. hope all is well!

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi