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Date May 15, 2020
Name Stephen Stanley
Comments Just bought a 95 Corvette and was looking for a group nearby. We live in Harrison Arkansas.

Date October 25, 2019
Name James Hanson
Comments We have a 2003 vette. Would like more information on your club please

Date August 23, 2019
Name Scott Grindstaff
Comments I've wanted a Corvette since I was 5 or 6 years old and finally pulled the trigger a couple of weeks ago. I found a sweet 2016 Corvette Stingray with under 5,700 miles on it.

Date July 15, 2019
Name Craig Potter
Comments Hello there. I am new to this corvette world. I bought myself a project car, 1994 C4. I finally have it back on the road. It turned out nicely and it is sure fun to drive.

Date July 13, 2019
Name Len Woodruff
Comments 1978 Silver Anniversary

Date April 19, 2019
Name Dan Elliott
Comments I just bought my 6th Corvette a 2014 Z51 and hope to join the club at the next meeting.

Date April 9, 2019
Name Ken Hunter
Comments New vet owner. 2002 convertible

Date April 7, 2019
Name Ken Hunter
Comments New Vet owner. 2002 C5 convertible

Date April 6, 2019
Name Ken Hunter
Comments New vet owner. 2002 c5 cv

Date February 21, 2019
Name Gary Hellums
Comments Iíve lived in the NWA area for a few years now. Iíve owned a Corvette since 76; however, due to a lifestyle change, I got away from the Corvette for a few years. Well, Iím driving one again. Iím interested in being a member of the NWACorvette Club if possible. Thank You! Gary Hellums Ď

Date November 4, 2018
Name Phil & Karen Metcalf
Comments We are presently located in Dallas, Tx. and working with a realtor to buy a home in NW Arkansas. We look forward to meeting everyone and hopefully joining the club when we move and get settled in. We have an Arctic White/Red Int., 2014 convertible.

Date October 17, 2018
Name Thomas Carney
Comments New member wanting to purchase two NWACC logos

Date August 28, 2017
Name Doug Thomas
Comments I was at your 2017 Summer's Show. This was my fifth time there and I thinks this was the best show yet. Your club should be very proud of the outstanding show you put on.

Date August 21, 2017
Name John w Hayes
Comments new vet owner

Date June 24, 2017
Name donald carney
Comments my dad has 1988 corvette that the hood latch has broken and we was hoping you might b able to help us figure out how to open. we would really appreciate any help you might be able to give us thank you, Donald Carney

Date March 13, 2017
Name Bruce W Bleser
Comments I like your website. My wife and I just bought a 2015 Z51, 2LT Arctic White with glass roof. Drove it home from St. Louis yesterday. It had 1850 original miles! Will consider joining your club. First I want to take it to a dealer to see what service has been done. Which of the NW AR dealers has the best corvette service? Bruce

Date January 9, 2017
Name Brad Davenport
Comments Will be moving to 25 skye dr in Bella vista in about 6 months.looking to join the group

Date December 8, 2016
Name Don
Comments Just purchased 79 vette and need help fixing the little problems. If spmeone lives in harrison ar , or nearby , let me know. Might join if enough local interest.

Date December 4, 2016
Name Randy Daily
Comments Hi guys and thanks for everything y'all do. Have a great and Merry Christmas, safe holiday season and I'll see y'all at the 2017 show if not sooner at one of your meetings. And thanks for the award from the 2016 show. Randy Daily (2000 Bowling Green - The Green Machine)

Date August 25, 2016
Name James Alden
Comments We have a 1970 LS5 convertible that we just finished restoring. I'm thinking of entering it Saturday in the end of summer show. I can't attend the awards banquet though, On the outside chance we win something, how are we notified?

Date August 7, 2016
Name Leidolf Systad
Comments My wife and I own a 2003 z06 Millennium yellow completely stock with 38,000 miles.

Date August 1, 2016
Name Mark Ruggeberg
Comments Interested in joining the club. My wife and I have a 2015 Stingray. Went on line tonight to see when the next meeting was being held and found out it had already been held a few hours ago. How do we join?

Date May 14, 2015
Name Jerry Retallick
Comments My wife and I are moving to the area from Houston and would like to know if anyone has a recommendation as to where we can get reliable service work done on our Corvette?

Date March 15, 2015
Name Philip Lewis
Comments Hello! My wife and I are with the Classic Glass Corvette Club of Marietta Georgia. ( We're visiting my son and very young grand babies and I just googled your website. I just wanted to say Hi and that we might be moving here within the next year. We'd like to visit on one of your monthly Monday meetings, or maybe even attend one of your events if we're in town at that time. Hope to see you sometime. Take care, Phil Lewis

Date November 1, 2014
Name Robert Schultz
Comments new in area looking for a mechanic to work on my 1981 corvette can you help

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