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Date February 10, 2011
Name jerry wilson
Home Page
City dalton
State tenn
Country rhea
Comments yes i hope im soon a falconist im already with the objectivist party and my own party the national write in party if your a write in candidate come join us thanx,jerry wilson write in candidate for us president/ pastor lisa daughtery candidate for us vice president my website- lisa website im also on and in 2012 make write choice vote for me!

Date November 19, 2010
Name Kasey Klees
Home Page
State PA
Country United States
Comments Down with the Democrats, Down with the Republicans, and Up With The FALCONISTS. I hope that we take over the country by politics and economics so that we won't have to worry about too many statistics

Date January 22, 2010
Name Branson Sanders
Home Page
City Cornelia
State Georgia
Country Cornelia

Date January 8, 2010
Name American Braintrust
Home Page
City Youngstown
State OH
Country USA
Comments The Falconist Party issues and concerns harkens to a time when common sense was commonplace in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave. Recognizing the harmony of life and the ease with which We The People can solve any impediment, if left to our individual freedoms, which collectively, permit the symbiotic merging of the public good, the public interest, and the private citizen. It favors stewardship. The navigation of problem identification and solution resolution based on what is known and what can be done while simultaneously addressing real needs and concerns of The People where they live. The Problem isn't at all in the ability to accomplish true reforms and advances with innovation and local community collaborations, the problem is in being allowed, permitted to, compete and aspire in ways that benefit U.S. first in an ethical and forthright manner. Everybody on the same page… It sounds great; however the reality is much different. There is too much money and too much darkness to truly effect change or seize power at once an

Date September 16, 2009
Name Elyk Vintner
Home Page
City Sunnydale
State California
Country USA
Comments It is about time that we had a party in America that was right-wing on social issues yet left-wing on fiscal and economic issues. It takes two wings to fly!