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Date January 22, 2012
Name ken barbour
Home Page
Comments The electric car charging stations are awesome! I just charged my Nissan Leaf here today. I do suggest however that you change the signs reading "hybrid cars only" to read "electric vehicles only" because hybrid cars do not have a cord to plug in, they run on gasoline. The Volt is the only car that runs on both and its an EREV not a hybrid. Prius dont plug in, at least not yet.

Date May 28, 2010
Name Toygar Lee Unal
Home Page
City Highland Park
State NJ
Country USA
Comments Mr. Hudson has really planned this out to the fullest,I am very excited to see this project completed! Having access to watch the progress over a weblink is amazing...

Date May 7, 2010
Name Donald Kelly
Home Page
City Pennsauken
State NJ
Country US

Date October 31, 2009
Name Timothy Marques
Home Page
City Mount Laurel
State New Jersey
Country Burlington
Comments The website is very impressive. It provides informative information regarding the LEED components.