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Date August 22, 2017
Name Victoria schneyer
Email Sassy1979@icloud.com
City Lindenhurst
State New york
Country USA
Comments I enjoyed our conversation last night. Can't wait to have my new baby. Can't get over the shock of losing her,my Gia angel.

Date March 22, 2017
Name natalie nicole richardson
Email natalier99504@gmail.com
City Charlotte
State NC
Country United States
Comments i want free of puppy small baby

Date December 1, 2016
Name John Tangelderroward
Email tangelderj@bellsouth.net
State Floride
Country Broward
Comments How much for a Bolognese female puppy

Date October 10, 2016
Name Chris Young
City Cranston
State RI
Country USA
Comments I will be in touch in a few years when I retire and will be looking for a companion dog.

Date May 4, 2016
Name Mrs megan s marceau
Email Nana1marceau@gmail.com
City Ferndale
State Washington
Country United states
Comments I am interested in a male or female puppy we had this breed of dog who lived 17 years named boopsey we know he is heaven about 7 years ago are you having any sweet puppies that will be able to purchase for me and my family .THX the Lord bless you and your precious little ones

Date September 28, 2015
Name Line Gauthier
Email linegauthier@hotmail.com
City Lachute
State province of quebec
Country Canada
Comments Have you bolognese puppy for sale? I send you an email, thanks

Date September 9, 2015
Name Maxine Billingsley
Email maxinebillingsley@mac.com
City New York
State New York
Country USA
Comments How close are you to New York City? Any pups for sale?

Date August 30, 2015
Name Suzanne Voorhies
Email suzannevoorhies@yahoo.com
City kansas city
State mo
Country usa
Comments Any puppies for sell

Date February 7, 2015
State PA
Country USA

Date December 10, 2014
Name Sonia Pakrul
Email spakrul@gmail.com
City monreo twp
State New Jersey
Comments beautiful puppies I had a standard poodle for 13 1/2 years that I lost last year. My next dog needs to be small as I live in an apartment. Love your pictures..:)

Date March 27, 2014
Name Rose Hirsch
Email wudpony@yahoo.com
City Niagara Falls
State NY
Country USA
Comments My husband and I own a 5 year old Bolognese named Happy. We've raised him since he was 11 weeks old. He is our delight. It is good to know there is a reputable breeder nearby in case Happy needs a brother or sister one day.

Date March 2, 2014
Name Barbara Corbalis
Email b.corbalis@gmail.com
City Woodbine
State MD
Country USA
Comments Your farm looks wonderful! My 12 year old son and I are interested in Bolognese puppies. We are still doing research, but this looks like the breed for us.

Date January 2, 2014
Name Barbara
Email bpenta2@gmail.com
City whitestone
State New York
Country United States
Comments Just started looking.

Date December 14, 2013
Name Kendra Van Varick
Email klvv63@hotmail.com
City Bangor
State PA
Country USA
Comments As I said to you on the phone, your web page portrays an atmosphere of wholesomeness, which is important to me for the welfare of the animals you are breeding and hopefully my getting a bolo from you!

Date December 8, 2013
Name Larry Owen
Email Lawrence.j.owen@gmail.com
City Caguas
State Puerto Rico
Country Puerto Rico
Comments My family and I are very interested in adopting a Bolognese puppy, please let us know if you have puppies available. Thanks Larry Owen 787-457-1128

Date November 9, 2013
Name bobbie rutkowski
Email mattbobbie@roadrunner.com
City niagara falls
State new york
Country united states
Comments we would love to adopt a little female...thank you..

Date November 9, 2013
Name bobbie rutkowski
Email mattbobbie@roadrunner.com
City niagara falls
State new york
Country united states
Comments we are a family of two..myself and my son who is a vet from Desert Storm..we had a cavalier king charles spaniel..we adored Molly..recently, my dear husband left us with pancreatic cancer..the loss i huge.our Molly left two months later from heart problems..I believe she died of a broken heart..Ever since then Wes, my son and I have felt both their absence greatly..We would like to meet your puppies some day..My name is Bobbie.

Date October 11, 2013
Name Donna C
Email mcdonald1340@roadrunner.com
City Saranac Lake
State NY
Country USA
Comments Great sight

Date May 29, 2013
Name Vinnie
Email Lavinia.kirdani@gmail.com
City e amherst
State NY
Country usa
Comments I would like to come and visit!

Date March 9, 2013
Name Katie Agar
Email Kbliss6@hotmail.com
City Folsom
State CA
Country USA
Comments Hi there! Your puppies and dogs are absolutely beautiful! Do you have any male puppies available? If not, when will your next litter be available? Please email me at kbliss6@hotmail.com with any other information! Thank you so much! Katie :)

Date December 10, 2012
Name Shikare
Email shekarblan@aol.com
City charleston
State wv
Country USA
Comments My name is Shikare and I have my heart set on a Bolognese Puppy. I am very interested and want to adopt:)

Date December 4, 2012
Name Megan Vertucci
Email mvertucci@twcny.rr.com
City Warners
State NY
Country USA
Comments We are looking into possible adopting a Bolognese puppy. When would your next liter be available?

Date February 6, 2012
Name Sheila Doohan
Email sheiladoohan@hotmail.com
City Yonkers
State New York
Country U.S.A.
Comments Recently adopted a bolognese puppy from Barbara, which we named Princess. She is the most delightful puppy you would ever want to meet , full of energy and curiosityand lots of love. The whole experience was wonderful and Barbara and Paul were most gracious and helpful with the transition and made it a breeze for us. I will always remember their caring nature and explanation of the care of the puppy upon arriving home.

Date May 27, 2011
Name Erica
Email ecurella@yahoo.com
Comments Thank you so much for our Lily- She is the most wonderful, loyal and adorable dog! We don't know how we lived without her! :) Looking forward to adopting another bolognese from you soon!!

Date March 6, 2011
Name Sandra Block
Email kblock@t-online.de
City Cloppenburg
Country Germany
Comments Hello Barbara! I like your Bolos.... I breed also bolos in germany... visit our dogs at www.sandrablock.de Bye Sandra