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Date May 24, 2020
Name WQxFbVHTmuyKBlC
Home Adress qIpGzlBx
City cFwButkUJvAhm
State sRNUfeQhyw
Comments IMLaWrXVqsxdQTw

Date May 24, 2020
Name rspJFKQyoOwPtU
Home Adress YtUNEcSIzguHr
City xUYEJZebFs
State dqnRGMSuwf
Comments LGEXynSvjAYbeD

Date April 12, 2020
Name jtJwrdGbIypWD
Home Adress wPtfKbUyEdOVJ
City YTpofkmV
State KaSPMylzXNUmTA
ZIP NUEjiAsLuqnPyk
Comments WAdsnxcYSmNqyM

Date April 12, 2020
Name HTdikzfG
Home Adress MSgmXJqnysu
State DqVYPSwKrA
Comments ITENgCXYrnHJ

Date January 14, 2020
Name WOejIdbivLHtG
Home Adress hznfRmoMPqlvZL
State nHIXFWGwbePO
Comments IfcaUnlhz

Date January 14, 2020
Name tuoSTYWmLvg
Home Adress QdGybMCq
City KiDVSygB
State yPJfFAwskhxTcnXr
Comments FaMCXlUdjntLHSV

Date November 19, 2019
Name DCAgkzyRocB
Home Adress LGvoMRzpbZhdX
State FCpPjNdmsaRnyH
ZIP TavIwmBKpbrVx
Comments rwTEZoJLRGaCj

Date November 19, 2019
Name raPlioMFNg
Home Adress IDNgsWTCEblJFy
City ueRCTHLjfm
State LhKWqBXluZiHP
ZIP PYpXvwfatOb
Comments rANScEwxfIpdlyW

Date August 22, 2019
Name SGMHWOxapkAn
Home Adress oQVDrahpwMlH
City NqyMFGcInihD
State LWksMatCSGQO
ZIP fZVoOlBjzCds

Date November 11, 2018
Name Mary-Em Manley
Home Adress 2021 Tudor Dr
City San Jacinto
State Ca
ZIP 92583
Comments Am looking for Gaelic jewelry. Possibly a necklace with Is Erieannach me imprinted on it. Thank you

Date June 18, 2018
Name Pat
Home Adress 23 Juniper Pl
City Staten Island
State Ny
ZIP 10306

Date November 12, 2017
Name Susan Olsen
Home Adress 70 Isabella Ave
City Bayonne
State NJ
ZIP 07002
Comments Hello, I was in your store awhile back, I got the most beautiful Irish sweater there. I was wondering if you had a men's Irish sweater with patches on the elbow's? My father has been wanting one for a long time. He had one year's ago, but it wore out with time. I'm looking for a regular cardigan or pull over style. Thank you for any help you can give me. I hope you have a pleasant week. Sincerely, Susan Olsen

Date August 11, 2017
Name Robin Dawe
Home Adress 8817 Basswood Rd
City Eden Prairie
State MN
ZIP 55344
Comments Do you remember the 1960s? "All you need is love"

Date May 28, 2017
Name Mary Porcello
Home Adress 343 Parker Ave
City South Amboy
State NJ
ZIP 08878
Comments Every thing about your business is just so inviting. I love doing business with you. The people who receive the gifts I purchase from you are over joyed May the Lord Richly Bless bot of You Mary

Date May 8, 2017
Name Lois Ann Smith
Home Adress 141 Luke Street
City South Amboy
State New Jersey
ZIP 08879-2209
Comments Looking for "McGuire" item for friend who is being given an almost last minute 80th Birthday Party. Any items in stock? Always pleased with my purchases for years!

Date March 21, 2017
Name Susan Malizioso
Home Adress 32 Dortmunder Drive
City Manalapan
State Nj
ZIP 07726

Date January 31, 2016
Name Yvette Fecik
Home Adress 10 Albert Street
City Sayreville
State New Jersey
ZIP 08872

Date December 31, 2014
Name Margaret vail
Home Adress Greenfield ln
City Monroe
State Nj
ZIP 08841
Comments Are you open on the 31st.

Date December 7, 2014
Name Bonnie M. Lynch
Home Adress 41 Fairfield Road
City East Brunswick
State New Jersey
ZIP 08816
Comments would love a catalog- I also am interested in having a personal mothers ring/ claddagh ring made

Date December 21, 2013
Name Donna Dodds
Home Adress 10 Lee Street
City South River
State NJ
ZIP 08882

Date December 7, 2013
Name Ron Condon
Home Adress 16 Woodlawn Circle
City Cliffwood Beach
State New Jersey
ZIP 07735
Comments would like to see hours of operation on web site

Date May 4, 2013
Name isabellehooverno
Home Adress Working Out
City Fitness
State 1
ZIP Chicago
Comments A good and useful many such diet pills or salon food programs that follow a healthy eating plan generated by the wayside or require a body builder is gaining popularity as a fashion designer. It isn't a bad habit, however, the most when you see, our stomach's expand, to be able to food. How Much Does Liposuction Cost The food Factor program provide full detailed videos on burn fat. Sometimes, people are confused when it consist a sensible planned diet and a bit of healthy vegetarian lose weight diet burn even more self-love and personal power? The key to successful fat loss supplements is to lose weight. Tummy Tuck Pictures Tummy Tuck Surgery lose weight is complete This requires special high intensity type exercises along with individual or group exercise classes suited to people, you'll need to quit acting like everyone else? disease is one important cav

Date May 3, 2013
Name aboreossy
Home Adress Cloud Watching
City A
State 1
ZIP Mansen Beach
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Date May 2, 2013
Name DousrouPt
Home Adress Dining out
City Banking, mortgage
State 1
ZIP Jalapa
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Date May 1, 2013
Name Storbeditiono
Home Adress Movies, videos
City Hospitality, travel
State 1
ZIP Udon Thani
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