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Date May 24, 2017
Name Juan Walterspiel MD, FAAP
City Menlo Park
State CA
Country US
Comments I hate line infection - just sent you material on how to avoid. Unfortunately, the FDA has to "bend" it's thinking and manufacturers of needleless connectors feel that it would be "disruptive" for their current commodity market.

Date January 23, 2017
Name William gartner
City Ventura
State Ca
Country Usa
Comments Don't degrade yourself further by pretending now you didn't know I existed. You did. You looked me up. In a time that millions of women are standing in solidarity you betray a sister . How desperate you must be to chase after a man that was in a relationship...for so long! A man who says he never loved you but you are willing to have a "now strings attached" sexual relationship while knowing he is in a relationship? Is this the kind of person your mother raised you to be? You must be making her so proud. Congratulations are in order. I am grieving of course but I have friends who I confide in. Some of these work at your hospital..I was concerned that you might be humiliated to have the staff know you "da Ho" but after months of your relentless pursuit you got him. So expect a party. You so deserve it.

Date March 31, 2013
Name Debra Roberts
City Camden
State De
Country Usa
Comments Trying to get my kids interested in NICU. I went into FP due to a military commitment, but loved my time in the NICU most of all. Books like yours are rare, thank you for taking time to write.