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Date October 1, 2022
Name Patricia Howard
Home Page
City Key Largo
State Fl
Country Monroe
Comments Hi afternoon Joe for many many years it's only now that I've opened up my heart from fear to learn and face his extraordinary depth. Wish I had connected sooner but it's a privilege honor to witness and see most all his work especially everyone on his website. A humble and quiet man with an amazing depth and talent to express all of his art forms. As time is passing I'm very excited that I woke up and really got this feeling of in touch and connection. He's amazing and off the charts should be famous he is though to all who know and see his work. I feel very privileged.

Date July 4, 2016
Name Herb Lozott & Karen
Home Page
City Portland
State Oregon
Country Wow-Far Out
Comments Cool Airbnb here in Portland. Showed the artist owners your web site. They were seriously impressed. Portland (Potland), makes San Francisco look like the epicenter of Conservatism. Did I pass the math test?

Date February 25, 2015
Name J marmo
Home Page
City stuart
State fl
Country martin
Comments Just checking