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Date September 25, 2018
Name Ken Mosier
State NJ
Comments Great tribute to your great grandfather. Truly a pioneer!

Date April 17, 2018
Name Tom Lazaroff
State Ohio
Comments I just purchased a Semmendinger Excellsior camera with a Darlot lens. It's in remarkable condition for its age.

Date February 22, 2018
Name Marion Archer
State NJ
Comments Looking forward to GUMC womens. retreat March 15.

Date December 20, 2017
Name James V Holmes III
State Ohio
Comments Outstanding!

Date October 17, 2017
Name Alice Knuffman
State AL
Comments About 20 years ago friend of mine found a wet plate camera along with unexposed and exposed glass plates in the attic of a vacant house that he was remodeling. This piqued my lifelong interest in the history of photography and photo processing. Thank you for the information. You’ve made available on your website.

Date April 23, 2016
Name Uncle David & Aunt Della Mae
State MD
Comments After all these years we have finally looked at your wonderful website. Wonderful having a nephew as a family historian. Know how proud your parents are of your work!

Date May 22, 2014
Name Eugene (Gene) Folger
State Mass
Comments Considering sale of 4 lens Semmendinger

Date October 30, 2013
Name Larry Pierce
State AZ
Comments My site is Would that I could eventually get the Excelsior model with the compartment in the front. Always wanted to play with one of those.

Date October 21, 2013
Name Wendy Scott
State CA
Comments Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is one of my all-time favorite shows, and Portraits one of my all-time favorite episodes. Thank you so much for showing us the camera they used in that episode. I had no idea it was anything but a prop they'd made. My parents were photographers in the 50s, so I'm familiar with the process to a certain extent. It's interesting to see how it originated with Semmendinger's camera. It's a beautiful piece of work! Thank you!

Date December 30, 2012
Name Barb & Dave Frech
State N.J.
Comments Great website! We spent the day with your mom & dad 12/28/12, and they told us all about the camera. Very interesting family history!

Date March 5, 2012
Name Normand Blais
State Laval,Québec,Canada
Comments Je suis amoureux de ces beaux instruments!!

Date February 4, 2012
Name John Fredericks
State PA

Date January 11, 2012
Name Nick Ciampa
State NJ
Comments Paul, I assume that you are aware of a camera currently on ebay. It has no lens or lens board, but it does have a plate holder. Nick (Fleetwood Museum}

Date October 10, 2011
Name Lut Berben
State Switzerland
Comments Looking forward to seeing you in NY (NYC Marathon 2011)

Date May 21, 2011
Name Matthew Wilson
State Virginia
Comments I work at Chippokes State Park in Surry Virgina. I was honored to have met your parents who suggested I do a bit of research on August Semmendinger. We, at Chippokes Farm and Foresty Museum, find your information very interesting. Thank you so much for providing us with this great piece of historical background.

Date March 13, 2011
Name Lee & Tom Urso
State North Carolina
Comments Paul, You have a wonderful website and did a fantastic job. I know it makes your family and ours very proud of you and the research that you have done and continue to do on this camera. I know your great,great grandfather must be proud of you too. Keep up the great work and Good Luck.

Date January 29, 2011
Name Paul Semendinger
State NJ
Comments Mom and I love the work you have done to preserve the history of August Semmendinger. This is wonderful family hstory.

Date January 22, 2011
Name Jim & Elaine Koehler
State New Mexico
Comments Nice job. We appreciate all you are doing to preserve history.

Date January 20, 2011
Comments Nicely done. Will forward any new research I may uncover in my own readings. Dan

Date January 11, 2011
Name Tom Kowach
State California
Comments Wow, Paul that is a great web site of information and I love your video, very well done. Thanks for reseaching and sharing August's history and cameras. Best Regards, Tom Historic Camera

Date December 5, 2010
Name christin pansius
State ny-long island
Comments my mothers side is semendinger,from bklyn/new jersey as far as ive heard thru the uncle told me aug. semmendinger was his geat great great grandfather.

Date November 15, 2010
Name Anthony Nappo
State NJ
Comments Interesting Historical Information

Date November 15, 2010
Name Richard Semendinger
State New York, NC, FLA.
Comments BRAVO!!

Date August 7, 2010
Name Ron Chappell
State B.C. Canada
Comments Thank you.

Date July 6, 2010
Name Michelle Delaney
State DC
Comments Nice website! Looking forward to meeting with you on the 16th here at Smithsonian.