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Date April 3, 2015
Name hrqneezlm
City worker
State 1
Country Sudan
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Date February 19, 2015
Name gjstbipx
City cooker
State 1
Country Uzbekistan
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Date January 17, 2015
Name gjybarjs
City worker
State 1
Country Togo
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Date November 11, 2014
Name Timothy Takemoto
City Yamaguchi
State Yamaguchi
Country Japan
Comments I like because it slopes up. But if I were you I would use Shimano or other conventional mech because developing your own 5 speed will be too expensive. I guess that one of the reasons your bike slopes up is because the crank is the rear wheel, and it is a very good idea to combine crank with wheel and obviate the need for a chain. Good luck. I guess that some sort of bike with gears in the hubs may provide a prototype.

Date June 2, 2013
Name sheldon pangburn
City wichita
State ks
Country usa
Comments interesting design. So, i take it that each bike is fitted to the rider?

Date August 10, 2012
Name Holly Kraeber
City Brentwood
State California
Country United States
Comments Good website, neat bike. keep up the good work!

Date August 9, 2012
Name AS
City fsd
State sdf
Country sdf
Comments sdf