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Date March 30, 2015
Name Heather Monroe Frederick
Gold or Blue Crew GOLD
City and State Pineville, LA
Dates Aboard
Comments Hello, Im writing to let you know my Dad, GEORGE CHARLES MONROE passed away this past Monday, March 23rd. I wanted to contact you all sooner, but with the business of the unexpected I could not. My dad was at the last reunion you held in Charleston. He talked of you all often. Especially the reunion and had hoped to make it to the one in San Francisco We were very very proud of his service in the Navy. thank you.

Date February 19, 2015
Name Kevin Morrissey
Rank/Rate MS2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Skaneateles, NY
Dates Aboard 80-84

Date December 16, 2014
Name John Alexander
Rank/Rate HM1 to HMC(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Vacaville, California
Dates Aboard 1978-1981
Comments This was my first boat. Earned Dolphins;Blue Nose;and CPO (with Jim Sirles). Tried to give the best medical care I knew how.

Date December 4, 2014
Name charles emerson johnson
Rank/Rate E-5 / FTB2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Tucson, Arizona
Dates Aboard 1987
Comments Gold crew under Capt.McBride best friends seaman Reginold Williams cook-Officers Mess and Sonarman third-class Dave from Syracuse

Date November 11, 2014
Name Mike Halverson
Rank/Rate ETR2
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Lake City, MN
Dates Aboard 73-76
Comments How did we do it?

Date October 22, 2014
Name Kenny Kingswell
Rank/Rate MM2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Gainesville, FL
Dates Aboard 1989 to 1991

Date October 6, 2014
Name Randy Cantrell
Rank/Rate MM1/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Oak Ridge, TN
Dates Aboard 1987-1991

Date September 23, 2014
Name Rex Simpkins
Rank/Rate TM3/SS
Gold or Blue Crew SY and Gold
City and State Princess Anne MD
Dates Aboard 1978-1981

Date September 15, 2014
Name Skip Story
Rank/Rate FTB1
Gold or Blue Crew Gold and Blue
City and State Temple, Tx
Dates Aboard Aug 68-Aug 72, Sept75-Sept 79
Comments Served 2 tours. Was aboard for overhaul in Bremerton and Newport News

Date August 22, 2014
Name Nick Benuska
Rank/Rate MM2SS
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Haleiwa, Hawaii
Dates Aboard 1967-68
Comments A great time of my life, never to be forgotten!

Date August 17, 2014
Name Allen Wineland
Rank/Rate TM2 (SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Fredericksburg, VA
Dates Aboard May 1971 - june 1973
Comments Interesting times! The nightmares stopped years ago! :)

Date July 8, 2014
Name Rick Sprinkle
Rank/Rate IC1/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Jacksonville, FL
Dates Aboard 87-91
Comments Update with correct dates and email

Date April 8, 2014
Name Terje J. Thomassen
Rank/Rate ET-2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Houston, Tx
Dates Aboard 1979-1983
Comments Worked in Nav.Ctr for 8 patrols from patrol 43-53. Under Capt. Watkins and Sherer. Navigator Lt. Thompson, Jerry Culbreth, Danny Oçonner, Rick Mandis, Duncan Carlson and more. Went to Charleston, S.C., Blue Nose, one month dry dock in Dunoon Scotland, port calls to Germany and Italy.

Date April 7, 2014
Name Bob Reese
Rank/Rate MTC(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Banning, CA
Dates Aboard 1975/1977
Comments Made CPO onboard Grant. Good crew and lot of great shipmates and friends. Now retired and playing a lot of golf. Would like to hear from shipmates.

Date March 27, 2014
Name Joe Shands
Rank/Rate MT2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Hartselle,AL
Dates Aboard 1974-1977
Comments Made six patrols out of Holy Loch. Great crew and great memories.

Date March 12, 2014
Name Doyle Haley
Rank/Rate IC3 (SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Corinth Texas
Dates Aboard 67-69
Comments Came aboard the Grant out of Sub school, earned my dolphins and did 6 patrols on Gold crew out of Guam and Pearl. Transferred to Grayback LPSS-574. Loved both boats, total different worlds between nukes and Desiel. Good Memories of tours and shipmates.

Date March 5, 2014
Name James Cook
Rank/Rate SN
Gold or Blue Crew blue
City and State Alma, Mi.
Dates Aboard 68 , 69
Comments I had to redo guest book, as my email was incorrect. This one is right.

Date January 28, 2014
Name James Kostura
Gold or Blue Crew BLUE
City and State Marinette, WI
Dates Aboard 1980-1986
Comments STS3(SU) to STS1(SS) Nonqual to Duty Chief. Great Sonar Shack. Bluenose runs, 7 patrols and into PNSY. Port calls, New London, Portsmouth England, Charleston, SC Cape Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale, FL and one of the few to get time off on Andros Is.

Date November 4, 2013
Name Lewis Crone
Rank/Rate MM2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Oakdale, CT
Dates Aboard 1980 - 1984

Date October 28, 2013
Name Timothy J. Richards
Rank/Rate ET1(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Milton Mills, NH
Dates Aboard 02/84 - 10/87
Comments Served onboard during overhaul in portsmouth, NH. Went on to serve aboard USS MIAMI, USS NEBRASKA, USS PENNSYLVANIA, and USS WYOMING. Retired in 2006 as ETCM(SS) with 25+ years. My time on the GRANT was probably the most memorable of my Navy career.

Date October 23, 2013
Name Marvin (JR) Van Gundy Jr.
Rank/Rate RM2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Nashville IN
Dates Aboard 1986-1992

Date October 1, 2013
Name Jack Brunson
Rank/Rate EN3
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State San Diego
Dates Aboard 1966 thru 1968

Date August 31, 2013
Name James Walsh
Rank/Rate MMCM(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue the Gold Crews
City and State Stephens City, VA
Dates Aboard 1966 to 1973
Comments Enlisted 1964 in Miami, FL. Serving aboard USS HALIBUT at Pearl Harbor when GRANT needed a nuc MM so I got the call. Left for Guam the next day. Went on to serve on BATFISH, SILVERSIDES and LOS ANGELES. Recruiter in NRD's Washington and Philadelphia. Command Master Chief of Naval Amphibious School, Little Creek. Retired off USS Los Angeles SSN-688 at Pearl Harbor in 1988.

Date August 22, 2013
Name Andrew 'Nick' Elnicmi
Rank/Rate EMCS(SS), now EMCM(SS)RET
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Okeechobee, FL
Dates Aboard Aug '83 - Apr '86
Comments I lived in housing in Portsmouth. Will never forget MM1 Mike Hill's Friday night BYOB parties.

Date August 22, 2013
Name Andrew j. Elnicki
Rank/Rate EMCMs (SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Jewett City, CT
Dates Aboard July '83 - April '86
Comments Hope to find some shipmates from my 'era' at the reunion in Charleston.