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Date July 22, 2020
Name Tom Kiley
Rank/Rate MTC/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Tonasket, WA
Dates Aboard Jan 79-Jun 85
Comments I served on 4 boats and a tub (HOLLAND). But The Grant was by far my favorite. Still have friends from almost 40 years ago that I talk to over social media. Fantastic crews. MT Div was the best of all my other boats.

Date February 14, 2020
Name Glenn Arthur Anderson
Rank/Rate E6/FTB
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State FL - Florida
Dates Aboard 1974 - 1979
Comments Updated

Date February 13, 2020
Name Glenn Arthur Anderson
Rank/Rate 1567 Alaqua Way
Gold or Blue Crew Melbourne
City and State FL - Florida
Dates Aboard 1974 - 1979
Comments Blue Crew out of Holy Lock, Transferred from AS-34

Date November 29, 2019
Name Amado Barrientos
Rank/Rate E-4 /mms
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Miami, FL
Dates Aboard 1975-1977
Comments Great times on the SSBN631 (HUT-MOBILE)

Date October 6, 2019
Name John Alexander
Rank/Rate HM1-HMC(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Vacaville
Dates Aboard 1978-1981
Comments I learned today that Capt. Bartlett L. Clark XO, 1977-1981 passed away several years ago. I am very sad about learning this as I had the utmost respect for him. The professional XO-MDR association that I had with him was exceptional. He allowed every opportunity for me to excel and I always had his support. We often had personal conversations which revealed a Naval Officer with insight and compassion to assume command of a submarine. He became CO of the USS Omaha. He once told me that he was born too late as that he would liked to have been on subs during WWII. His "hero" was Red Ramage. It is certain that all of us will die; however, this knowledge does nothing to temper the sadness that can be felt upon the loss of someone held in the highest regard and with a trace love thrown in. My sentiments for XO B> L> Clark.

Date September 30, 2019
Name Michael David Imbriani
Rank/Rate STS3(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Leander Texas
Dates Aboard 80-84
Comments Sorry to report Mark L Walker passed away August 25th, 2019 in Leander Texas. I found out a week before his funeral and did not know he was a Grant crew member till the funeral. He did not have any local family members but when the community found out he was a military member they rallied and funeral expenses were donated by the local vfw. Hundreds of people showed up for both the funeral in Leander Texas and burial in Killeen at the Veterans Cemetary ! He was a sonar tech and must have been on the blue crew as I was a sonar tech on the gold crew probably on same time frame! He was 58 years old and died of natural causes according to the news. I will send pictures but the proceedings were on the local news.. Thursday September 26th 2019

Date August 31, 2019
Name George B. Hutchison
Rank/Rate ET1(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue - Plank Owner
City and State Sequim, Washington
Dates Aboard 25 July 63 to 2 Dec 66
Comments Wish I had known about the Grant being scrapped out in Bremerton. I rode her down the ways and was on deck at commissioning. The Reactor Plant now sits in a pit in Hanford, Washington, and was the 29th plant placed in the pit.

Date August 13, 2019
Name Eric Malzkuhn
Rank/Rate MM2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Leesburg, VA
Dates Aboard 1970-1973
Comments Joined Grant in Bremerton for Poseidon conversion and overhaul. Made Panama Canal transit and 4 patrols out of Holy Loch. Served with fellow A-Gangers Bobby J. Duncan, Jeff Hinnant, John Wayne Davis, Robert Campbell, Tommy Tucker, Joe Wryk, Larry Latta, Tom Garrett, Roy Key, and Miller, Roberts, and Taboldt (whose first names escape me), as well as our Chiefs Gene Salfer and Alton Davis. Memorable times. I have been working in the maritime industry ever since and am still at it!

Date June 13, 2019
Name Herbert Runnels
Rank/Rate STS2
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State North Charleston
Dates Aboard DEC 1971 TO JUNE 1076

Date May 16, 2019
Name Mike Thomas
Rank/Rate ETR-2
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Tallahassee FL
Dates Aboard 71-74

Date March 8, 2019
Name David Nell
Rank/Rate MM2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Idaho Falls, Idaho
Dates Aboard November 1977 - July 1981

Date February 23, 2019
Name Robert Vichko
Rank/Rate IC1(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Beverly, NJ
Dates Aboard 1966-1969, 1972-1973
Comments Made 5 Patrols out of Guam, Grant went to Bremerton for overhaul, I got assigned Instructor duty at S1C prototype, upon completion of Instructor duty in 1972, I was reassigned to the Grant (same Gold crew), as she was now stationed in Charleston, SC. Made 2 more patrols out of Scotland. GREAT boat, GREAT crew

Date February 21, 2019
Name Stephanie Kubisek
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Warren
Dates Aboard 1963-1966
Comments I am the daughter of Allan "Zorro" Sorak, proud Gold Crew Plank Owner. I don't know much about his military background and was so happy to find him remembered here. Thank you! Stephanie (Sorak) Kubisek

Date February 19, 2019
Name ken poths
Rank/Rate ftg3
Gold or Blue Crew gold
City and State Lexington
Dates Aboard 68-69
Comments served on 18 and 19 patrol, a replacement for Gerry. just before yard in PSNS. met pickle in shipyard. By now I was on Adams.

Date August 17, 2018
Name William H Talbot
Rank/Rate ET-1 (SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Manchester, MO
Dates Aboard United States
Comments DEC 75 to MAY 77, 3 patrols - My first experience with the Grant was coming off Protype and going to my Mother-in-Law's home looking forward to 2 weeks of leave, she greets me at the door with "Bill, someone from the Navy is trying to reach you." ... and so the story begins!

Date July 7, 2018
Name Richard A. Mandis
Rank/Rate ET2/SS
Gold or Blue Crew gold
City and State Atco, NJ
Dates Aboard 1978 -1983

Date February 15, 2018
Name chad Coleman
Rank/Rate MMFN(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Canton, IL
Dates Aboard 89-91
Comments I am not dead(yet) or in Kentucky. Please mark me found.

Date February 14, 2018
Name Mark Sear
Rank/Rate MM2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold/Blue
City and State Denver,CO
Dates Aboard 1975-1979
Comments Knew men that made me proud to be part of Grant's crew.

Date July 19, 2017
Name Jeremy J. Irish
Rank/Rate IC2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew B
City and State WI
Dates Aboard 88-91
Comments If anyone has info on Chad Coleman,MMFN(SS) froom 89-91 please contact me at 608-444-3568

Date July 18, 2017
Name Jeff Jack
Rank/Rate SK3
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Pine City NY
Dates Aboard 1979-1981
Comments It only took me 36 years to find her again.

Date January 5, 2017
Name Michael Conrad
Rank/Rate STS2/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Gold decom
City and State Wever Iowa
Dates Aboard 1989-1992

Date December 16, 2016
Name Richard Vannoy
Rank/Rate ST1(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State San Diego, CA
Dates Aboard '79-'80
Comments I don't remember much about the Grant. Served on SS340, SS345 and SS355 and then reenlisted as a TM1(SS) to get orders to sonar school, and came aboard Grant as an ST1(SS). I did the training cycle at Pearl Harbor and the last patrol before going to the Bremerton Yard. I applied for and made Warrant Officer (Electronics) while in the yard. I went on to Submarine School, Rota Spain and finished my 20 at the Point Loma San Diego Sub Base.

Date December 12, 2016
Name John Kerr
Rank/Rate MM2/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Urbandale, IA
Dates Aboard 86-12/88

Date December 8, 2016
Name Greg Worth
Rank/Rate ET2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State San Diego CA
Dates Aboard

Date November 29, 2016
Name George Bounds
Rank/Rate msc/ss
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Ft. Peirce,FL
Dates Aboard Mar85/Mar88