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Date August 17, 2018
Name William H Talbot
Rank/Rate ET-1 (SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Manchester, MO
Dates Aboard United States
Comments DEC 75 to MAY 77, 3 patrols - My first experience with the Grant was coming off Protype and going to my Mother-in-Law's home looking forward to 2 weeks of leave, she greets me at the door with "Bill, someone from the Navy is trying to reach you." ... and so the story begins!

Date July 7, 2018
Name Richard A. Mandis
Rank/Rate ET2/SS
Gold or Blue Crew gold
City and State Atco, NJ
Dates Aboard 1978 -1983

Date February 15, 2018
Name chad Coleman
Rank/Rate MMFN(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Canton, IL
Dates Aboard 89-91
Comments I am not dead(yet) or in Kentucky. Please mark me found.

Date February 14, 2018
Name Mark Sear
Rank/Rate MM2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold/Blue
City and State Denver,CO
Dates Aboard 1975-1979
Comments Knew men that made me proud to be part of Grant's crew.

Date July 19, 2017
Name Jeremy J. Irish
Rank/Rate IC2(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew B
City and State WI
Dates Aboard 88-91
Comments If anyone has info on Chad Coleman,MMFN(SS) froom 89-91 please contact me at 608-444-3568

Date July 18, 2017
Name Jeff Jack
Rank/Rate SK3
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Pine City NY
Dates Aboard 1979-1981
Comments It only took me 36 years to find her again.

Date January 5, 2017
Name Michael Conrad
Rank/Rate STS2/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Gold decom
City and State Wever Iowa
Dates Aboard 1989-1992

Date December 16, 2016
Name Richard Vannoy
Rank/Rate ST1(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State San Diego, CA
Dates Aboard '79-'80
Comments I don't remember much about the Grant. Served on SS340, SS345 and SS355 and then reenlisted as a TM1(SS) to get orders to sonar school, and came aboard Grant as an ST1(SS). I did the training cycle at Pearl Harbor and the last patrol before going to the Bremerton Yard. I applied for and made Warrant Officer (Electronics) while in the yard. I went on to Submarine School, Rota Spain and finished my 20 at the Point Loma San Diego Sub Base.

Date December 12, 2016
Name John Kerr
Rank/Rate MM2/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Urbandale, IA
Dates Aboard 86-12/88

Date December 8, 2016
Name Greg Worth
Rank/Rate ET2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State San Diego CA
Dates Aboard

Date November 29, 2016
Name George Bounds
Rank/Rate msc/ss
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Ft. Peirce,FL
Dates Aboard Mar85/Mar88

Date September 24, 2016
Name dorman ray wemken
Rank/Rate yn3
Gold or Blue Crew gold crew
City and State saint petersburg fl
Dates Aboard march 1976-dec1978
Comments i am glad to run into your site---i would like to know how some of the shipmates are doing---thank you once again yn3 wemken

Date July 13, 2016
Name Bob Soule
Rank/Rate FTB2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Fitzwilliam NH
Dates Aboard 87-90

Date July 13, 2016
Name Robert L. Johnson
Rank/Rate STSC(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Loomis,NE
Dates Aboard 1964-1967
Comments Lov the website it brought back a lot of good memories

Date July 4, 2016
Name John Alexander
Rank/Rate HM1-HMC(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Vacaville,Ca.
Dates Aboard 1978-1981
Comments I see that MMCS(SS) Raymond Sheffield is in a "looking for" status in the USS Grant shipmate roster. I do not know if MMCS Sheffield ever reviews this guest book, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for coming over to my housing and changing the throw out bearing in my car outside during the winter (bitter cold). He told me "Doc get out of the way and I will take care of this for you". I did not ask him to do this for me--he found out I was going to do the repair myself, and came over to do it for me. Thanks Ray.

Date June 23, 2016
Name Hall, William T. (Tom)
Rank/Rate ICC(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Poulsbo, WA
Dates Aboard 77-81

Date May 10, 2016
Name Timothy Gaydos
Rank/Rate 4100 CELTIC WAY
Gold or Blue Crew URBANA
City and State Maryland
Dates Aboard United States
Comments The Grant was my first boat; came onboard during the last 3 months of SHYD at Newport News in October 78. As a MT3 learned quickly that you needed to get qualified and stay off the dink list so when we made port calls during DASO and NWAI/NTPI and the ORSE events in the Caribbean we were good to go on liberty. Many thanks to EJ Taylor, Billy Holtz, Joel Sanders, Laverne Hopkins, Dick Dalton, Julio Shelby and my other Blue Crew MTs of Kennedy, McCarthy, Cutno, Pridgen, Bowser, Lesher, Yost, Perrin, Fields, Borer, Syphard. Our Doc John Alexander was the best at keeping us healthy. Cannot forget Johnny Spears to and a few MMs name Steve McBride, and some nucs Lew Crone, Tim Albritton, Tim Lohman - TM Randy Gray.

Date April 25, 2016
Name Charles Sartelle
Rank/Rate ET1/ETC
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Eden, Vermont
Dates Aboard Jan 1989 - Mar 1992

Date April 15, 2016
Name Robert
Rank/Rate STCS/SS
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Loomis, NE
Dates Aboard 1964-1967

Date April 13, 2016
Name Scott Avery
Rank/Rate CDR
Gold or Blue Crew Blue
City and State Norfolk, VA
Dates Aboard 89-92
Comments Fantastic!! First time seeing the page now 27 years from being part of the crew! Saddened by the passing of 3 crewmembers I new well. Looking forward to meeting the alum in 2017! Well Done!! CDR Scott "Mongo" Avery

Date February 21, 2016
Name Marc Stull
Rank/Rate FTB1(SS)
Gold or Blue Crew Gold & Blue
City and State Jeannette, PA
Dates Aboard 1968-1974
Comments Gold crew Pacific... Blue Atlantic. Too many memories to share in this short space.

Date February 15, 2016
Name Terry Hester
Rank/Rate MM3
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Baton Rouge, La
Dates Aboard 1976-81
Comments I met a lot of good guys, sorry that I didn't keep up with them after getting out.

Date November 9, 2015
Name Jon Law
Rank/Rate E4 / QM3
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Sycamore IL
Dates Aboard 1987 - 1991

Date July 2, 2015
Name John Alexander
Rank/Rate HM1-HMC,aboard Grant
Gold or Blue Crew Vacaville
City and State California
Dates Aboard United States
Comments The 4th of July is approaching. I remember in 1980 that the Grant pulled into England so that the British could celebrate Independance Day with us.It was good liberty visit. A German Destroyer (actually a US Fletcher class that was acquired by Germany) was in port there also. Myself and other Grant crew enjoyed an open Bar in the ship's mess one evening.

Date June 25, 2015
Name Arlen Bohling
Rank/Rate TM2
Gold or Blue Crew Gold
City and State Milan, New Mexico
Dates Aboard 1963-1967
Comments I really enjoyed scrolling through the web-site. I enjoyed scrolling through the long list of the grant crew members. Someone did a lot of searching for the crew members. In the ad section I noticed that C.A.K. McDonald, the first Captain of the Gold Crew wrote a book about the lost submarine, Scorpion. I think that I will buy one.