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Date August 26, 2017
Name Marty Leake
City Fort Myers
State FL
Country United States
Comments I am a retiree and full-time traveler when I met last years King Ricardo in Cody WY August of 2017. We had an enjoyable time and your website is well organized and I would love to one day attend the annual convention.

Date August 24, 2017
Name keefer blakeslee
City santa ana
State California
Country United States
Comments My math teacher talked about when he was a teenager working at a diner he met the Hobo King at the time. I'm a film student and my next project is to make a do #$@%! I was wondering if anyone knows of any jungles or fellow Hobos around California who I could meet. It would be a great honor to be able to tell their story. PLEASE CONTACT ME SOON. Thanks so much!!!!

Date August 12, 2017
Name Cecilia E. Kelly
City Portsmouth
State Virginia
Country USA
Comments I purchased a Hobo walking stick at the convention sometime in the early 80's. The names carved and signed on it are: Son of The Milwaukee Line, Rick Sykes Grand Duke Of Hobos, Billy D Bassett McDonald For 919 and others I cannot make out. Are these Hobos still around? Been a very long time, I use to do the sound for Merle Haggard and we Traveled 10 months out of the year on tour. I keep this by my door and walk with it in the neighborhood each weekend.

Date August 9, 2017
Name Kristy King
City San Dimas
State CA
Country United States
Comments My mother was from Britt. She was in charge of the Britt Chamber and the Hobo event one Year. Her name was Esther Higdon. She passed this last year. I will miss going to see all of you at Hobo Days. and just reading this site reminds me of all of you and the fun times I always had at Hobo Days. Hi to all! Missing mom and Iowa.

Date August 2, 2017
Name mr mrs jerry smith
City minneapolis
State mnn
Country usa
Comments sorry we will miss this years hobo fun are van is down but next year we will be their from jery and Juanita smith

Date July 19, 2017
Name Mike Trenga
City Arnold
State PA
Country USA
Comments I made a mistake - it was Capt. Dingo not Capt. Howdy (Capt. "Airborne" Dingo. I met him years ago and he shared many stories with me. What a super guy.

Date July 18, 2017
Name dr dosh
City pahoa
State Hawaii (HI)
Country usa
Comments . .lol. .livin' the hobo life . on AMTRAK /s , Us . .

Date July 14, 2017
Name Drifter Ken
City Greenfield
State MN
Country USA
Comments I wish to share links to Former Hobo King Adman who recently caught the westbound.

Date July 10, 2017
Name Simon
City Liverpool
State Merseyside
Country U.K.
Comments I love this site....thank you from Woolton, where Paul net John 60yrs ago.

Date July 7, 2017
Name Arkansas Red-Ozark Troubadour
City Eureka Springs
State Arkansas
Country USA
Comments Has anyone heard if Guitar Whitey has caught the westbound? Haven't heard from him in awhile.

Date June 30, 2017
Name Ian Cutler
City Cardiff
State Cardiff
Country Wales, UK
Comments In response to the plea from Lord Open Road's niece, Barbara Saunders Jones, on your "grapevine", please share this post from my website that includes a first hand account of Open Road and photographs of several senior 'dos taken at Britt during the 1977 convention. I would be grateful for any information on the identities of the two hobos not named. Please feel free to use any of the information or images from my site on your site. Best wishes, Ian Cutler

Date June 20, 2017
Name Randy M
City Woodstock
State IL
Country United States
Comments Going to the Convention this year (2017) in Britt Iowa. I am related to Hairbreadth Harry (King of the Hobos 1933-1935). As I read up on Hairbreadth Harry, I find the following: he was a man "who wrote poetry, walked backward and bathed in gasoline." Wish I was around then, or he was around now, so that I could meet him. Hope to see a bunch of you in August !!! Randy

Date June 2, 2017
Name Barbara Saunders-Jones
City Valley Mills
State Texas
Country United States
Comments I believe my uncle (my mother's oldest brother) was Lord Open Road, who was killed in Dalhart, TX, and buried in Britt. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who remembers or could tell me about him. Thanks!

Date May 18, 2017
Name Robyn Cagle Jarrett
City Richmond
State VA
Country chesterfield
Comments I would like to get in touch with my uncle Steve Anderson, Virginia Slim. If anyone has a number for him please email me. Robyn

Date May 4, 2017
Name Tom Lorraine
City Richmond
State Virginia
Country USA
Comments Fascinating history and stories

Date April 26, 2017
Name Britt
City Drain
State oregon
Country USA
Comments My dad was a Hobo until they bombed Pearl Harbor then joined the air force and met my mom. Never told me why he named me Britt.

Date April 8, 2017
Name Terry Koehl
City Mt. Airy
State NC.
Country Surry
Comments hi I am the son of frank koehl Aka Danville Dan he has ben lade to rest with his wife in the town cemetery in Dobson nc. you may use this info to up date your west bond list .. I have some things of his for the museum in brit please contack my . I will pay shipping little Hoosier

Date February 21, 2017
Name Hinkeye
City silver lake
State Oregon
Country Usa
Comments Stopping in sayin hi. Mostly traveled alone..figured having others to know to watch em die didn't make sense. But, we get long toothed and mellow. So, hi.

Date January 24, 2017
Name Monte
State AK
Country usa
Comments look good and a lot of fun

Date January 24, 2017
Name Katrina
City Yuma
State AZ
Country USA
Comments I met Capt. Dingo this afternoon. He shares a birthday today with my daughter. What a pleasure it was to meet him.

Date November 21, 2016
Name Dana Rzechula
City skokie
State il
Country united states of america
Comments Hi! I have been hobo for many miles, many jobs, and too many years I'm afraid. bless

Date November 17, 2016
Name Drifter Ken (Siljander)
City Loretto
State MN
Country Hennepin
Comments A special hello to Frog from my wife Cathy and I. We made motorcycle trip to Brit in 2015.

Date November 14, 2016
Name Andray smith
City Milwaukee
State Wi
Country Milwaukee
Comments Guest

Date October 6, 2016
Name James Horton
City Gadsden
State AL
Country Usa
Comments Love to talk and travel

Date September 15, 2016
Name keith schr
City derry
State pa
Country united states
Comments very intrested