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Date October 17, 2015
Name Anne Sklar
Home Page
City Murells Inlet
State Sc
Country USA
Comments I was at the Prince Creek gathering last night and have been a regular customer of yours since we moved here 10 years ago. I can assure you that we will never be back to your restaurant after the way we were treated. There were too many people for the space available and you didn't even have enough tables or chairs for us. There was another larger party booked that got all of the attention. If you can not handle two functions than do not book them. It was a disgrace the way you treated should be ashamed.

Date June 14, 2015
Name Mike LaJeunesse
Home Page
City Xenia
State Ohio
Country America
Comments I was a patron there on Friday, I am from out of town and we had a large party. Our server Keely knocked it out of the park. The food was impeccable! I do suspect that from a Michifan man! Go Blue!!! I would also like to purchase one of the fitted Med-Large hats you have . You only had one small when I was there. Thank you so much. We will be back again when we are in town!!!!!

Date February 21, 2012
Name Ryan Mitchell
Home Page
City Myrtle Beach
State SC
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