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Date January 24, 2016
Name Avram Rips
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City South Otange
State NJ
Country USA
Comments Another assessment area which is mentioned in your blog is alternative assessments.Dynamic Assessment determines the distance between the learners performance and help in a higher level,known as Vygotsky terms Zone of Proximal Development. DA is a standardized norm test-interventio-retest.It focuses on teaching learning strategies during intervention such as, precision and accuracy, self regulation, labeling and comparing.

Date May 13, 2016
Name Cap Lee
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City Burnsville
State NC
Country USA
Comments It is time to focus on the Democratic Party Platform to assure it is a working document that solicits input from all Democrats. Here are my thoughts. Feel free to leave yours at. Whereas; all children learn at different rates and in different ways and Whereas; children differ in the way they respond to the state test and Whereas; the test currently drives the curriculum pushing children away from whole child education and Whereas; assessment is only as good as the information gathered and its application to the education of the child and Whereas; the data from the standardized test is returned to the teacher way too late to serve a functional purpose for children and Whereas; the role of the State is to assure parents that their children, and all children receive a quality education Be it resolved that the Democratic Party abandon the artificial test in Common Core in lieu of innovative assessments at the local level with data going immediately to the teachers as well as to the State to assure a qual

Date September 26, 2015
Name Star Ali Mistriel
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City Las Vegas
State Nevada
Country United States of America
Comments Public school teacher, educational activist, innovator, newspaper commentator, and strong supporter of fully funding education, providing wrap around services, dissolving the corporate elite's hold on education, and making a quality education accessible for all who desire it.