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Date April 11, 2015
Name roger pae

Date January 22, 2013
Name Daniel Kohn
Comments Hi There, I was just on your website and noticed that you donít yet have an abandon cart solution in place for shoppers that drop out of the checkout process without completing their order. Roughly 65-75% of shoppers online who start a checkout will drop out during the process. We have a very simple solution you may be interested in trying out called that addresses this issue. Here is a link to our marketing deck Ė Here is a link to a short 70 second video - We have a special offer right now where the first $500 in recovered sales is on us. Feel free to contact me at to discuss the opportunity further. Thanks Daniel

Date April 17, 2012
Name Lucille A. Daileader
Comments Going to take a look now!

Date December 28, 2011
Name Georgia
Comments Just wanted to make it official. Beautiful jewelry

Date October 10, 2011
Name Karl
Comments very attractive

Date October 9, 2011
Name Farrin
Comments Beautiful Pieces!!!