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Date July 24, 2015
Name Doug Barker
Home Page
Comments This was the worst egg order experience, and the worst eggs I've ever ordered of any type of bird. I ordered the my eggs and paid through paybal. I never received a confirmation that my order went through other than the charge clearing my account. I called and left messages twice and never received a return phone call. The third time I called someone answered, and told me he thought he remembered an order under my nam, but couldn't provide when my eggs would show up. The website says all order come within ten days. My eggs showed up about a month later. All the eggs were rotten. They osed and smelled horribly bad. Several exploded in the incubator. These guys either don't know what they are doung, or think it's funny to send people rotten eggs. DO NOT buy eggs from them.

Date June 9, 2015
Name Richard Faulkner
Home Page
City Whitehouse
State TX
Country USA
Comments I received my pheasant shipment a week earlier than expected because I used an email that I dont access very often and missed my shipment notification. The chicks are lively and healthy. I couldnt have expected them to have been as good or any better. I expected some loss because it has always happened but I did not lose one bird in this batch. A week old now and going strong. Thanks

Date July 12, 2014
Name jon donenko
Home Page
City upstate
State ny
Country usa
Comments These are the worst birds I have ever gotten. Out of 100 chicks I have only 14 birds left. I have looked and do not see the refund for half that you agreed to. I will make sure to share my experience dealing with you to pheasants forever.

Date June 19, 2014
Name Louis Martell
Home Page Rangeland Ringnecks
City Rozet
State Wy
Country u.s
Comments We didn't have the best luck with Sullivan eggs. we had 360 eggs total shipped on 2 diffenent orders and had under a 50% hatch Rate. Did have 95% with other farms eggs. So idk what went wrong

Date June 18, 2013
Name Lori Homik
Home Page
City Coopersville
State Michigan
Country United States
Comments Most unhappy. 17 of 54 pheasant eggs sent hatched. Several were rotten and oozing in the weeks before they were due to hatch. Not the incubator as we hatched quail purchased from Wisconsin just prior to this with no problems what so ever.

Date June 13, 2013
Name Matt
Home Page
City Lee
State Florida
Country USA
Comments We are a new Pheasant farm in Florida and ordered our first chicks from Sullivan. I have to say they were prompt with communication an the quality of chicks is excellent! We are now a loyal Sullivan customer and look forward to a great future doing business.