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Know your visitors, get their feedback.
Collect visitor information quickly and efficiently with a customizable GuestBook

  GuestBook is a fast, easy way to collect customer information and allow customers the opportunity to give you feedback about your site.

  GuestBook is the only fully-customizable guestbook on the web that doesn't require you to place banners or ad buttons on your page. Here is a sampling of how GuestBook assists you in learning more about your customers:

Question: What information can I collect about my customers?

How GuestBook Delivers:.

  • fully customizable so you can ask any questions you want
  • fully scalable so there's no limit to the amount of entries that you can receive
Question: Will GuestBook detract from my site?

How GuestBook Delivers:

  • professional GuestBook designs make your site look more credible
  • fully-customizable sign up buttons allow your to seamlessly blend GuestBook into your site
Question: How will visitors respond to my GuestBook?

How GuestBook Delivers:

  • help keep visitors happy with a venue where they can voice their opinions
  • show visitors you listen by automatically sending customized responses to customers that place entries in your GuestBook.

  Simply cut and paste your HTML code on to the pages you want your GuestBook to appear. Let us do the rest!

GuestBook is hosted by MyComputer's reliable, high-speed servers so it's maintenance and worry free.


Sample GuestBooks

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