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Date July 3, 2017
Name Dennis Macey
City Medford
State OR
Comments May the holy priest intercede for my sister's grandson "Dristin" (16). He is suffering from a rare medical disorder and is not expected to live much longer. ...thank you Lord God for this very holy priest!

Date July 2, 2017
Name Mary Lareau
City Volo
State IL
Comments I just finished watching the beautiful film about Fr. Aloysius. May God bless your efforts for Fr. Aloysius' beatification.

Date June 15, 2017
State CA
Comments He was also known to Bi-locate. He was at our friend's house for dinner- Zelda Hater(not sure the spelling), when someone else in another part of LA said he was there with them. I had seen in a few times with Zelda &/or my mom Sally Wood. We are praying with you for his Canonization. God Bless you & your work. Also, please pray for my boss' wife Michele who has cancer & the chemo did not work. Fr Aloysius, pray for her. Yours through the Sacred Hearts Keith Wood

Date May 6, 2017
Name Lisa Martin
City Ridgway
State PA
Comments I recently watched a documentary on Fr. Alloysius on and was inspired by his life.

Date May 3, 2017
Name Pama
City Federal Way
State WA
Comments Ave Maria! I recently watched Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria's documentary on I was drawn by his humility, charism and love for the Holy Eucharist. His love and care for the sick and for all peoples truly was that of Christ. How blest many of those who had the privilege of being a part of his life, especially those who received his Holy and humble blessings. Thanks be to God for sending us another Saint like St. Anthony Marie de Claret. I pray that our Almighty God grant and make haste the beatification and canonization of Fr. Aloysius. I pray to Fr. Aloysius to intercede for the conversion of my three sons and that I may be blest with one holy priest among my two single sons. That I may have the grace of a deeper, more profound devotion to The Holy Eucharist and our Blessed Mother of God, Mary. Be assured of my prayers to the Claretian Missionaries and support for this cause. May God bless you and wish you the fullness of holy grace. Pax Christi, pama

Date April 11, 2017
Name Gertrude
City Los Angeles
State CA
Comments Ft. Aloysius Ellacuria, Please pray for A.C. Bernadette to have God at her core. Covered with the Precious blood of Jesus and filled with Holy Spirit, peace and joy. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Date March 30, 2017
Name Karl
City Santa Ana
State CA
Comments We give thanks and appreciation for the Missionaries of Fatima and the brothers that come and will come from this group in Mexico and beyond. We pray for this cause and order to work through our most high Lord Jesus. We ask for your continued prayers for our soon to be daughter Charlotte, expected due date: April 5th but who knows maybe she'll come on April 6th. God bless you all. Thank you

Date March 1, 2017
Name Ronald Gentile
City Springfield
State Missouri

Date February 16, 2017
Name Aurora
City Spring
State TExas
Comments I have become interested in this saintly father after seeing his biography on EWTN and want to know more about him. I would love to pray at his grave side. What a holy man! God bless us all.

Date February 15, 2017
Name Monica
City Colorado Springs
State Colorado
Comments That reading Father Aloysius' Biography that I may walk in the fullness of Christ and be a light unto others in need of Jesus.

Date January 12, 2017
Name belita william
City Apple Valley
State Ca
Comments Father Alloisus,Please pray for multi symptoms,Diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertenstion,Prolaps of bladder and uterus,knee bursitis,phantom pain in teeth,..also my family in a real estate Fraud lawsuit..Thank you ~

Date December 24, 2016
Name Therse Denman
City Litchfield Park
State AZ
Comments I am trying to find books on Fr. Aloysius, can you please send me recommendations and where to purchase them? God Bless You.

Date December 14, 2016
Name Carmen
City Laguna Niguel
State California
Comments Father Aloysius please intercede and pray for our family, especially for Alexandra to be healed emotionally and spiritually. Also for my husband and my other two children. Also for healing of grandma. All this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Date December 4, 2016
Name Mary Boustany
City Lafayette
State La.

Date November 30, 2016
Name Rhonda Myers
City Tulsa
State Ok.
Comments Saw the program The Angel of Biscay on EWTN! Was so wonderful to learn of this holy priest. Plan to research for further information about Fr. Aloysius, and also St. Anthony Mary Claret!

Date November 25, 2016
Name carmen o'brien
City falmouth
State MA
Comments I am extremely impressed with Fr. Aloysius work. Such a spiritual man.

Date November 23, 2016
Name Elsa Otero
City Dorado
State PR

Date November 23, 2016
Name Tracy Fowler
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Date November 22, 2016
Name Aloysius
State FCT
Comments I'm happy to know little about my name sake

Date November 21, 2016
Name Teresa Hubka
City Chicago
State Illinois
Comments I support in prayer the beautification of the Holy and saintly priest.

Date November 20, 2016
Name Philip E. Horvath
City Hernando
State Mississippi
Comments Is Father Aloysius being considered for sainthood? I was very impressed with the biographical film on EWTN.

Date November 20, 2016
Name Monica
City Colorado Springs
State Colorado
Comments To know Jesus as Father Aloysius is a miracle in itself. Yet, we are to walk like Christ by showing his example to all the world as Father Aloysius.

Date November 20, 2016
Name Jon Godwin
City Durham
State NC
Comments yes, miraculous healing still occurs though vessels like Father Aloysius

Date November 20, 2016
Name LIsa Arroniz
City Santa Teresa
State NM
Comments Would like more information on this priest

Date November 19, 2016
Name Mariana Llanso
City Temple Terrace
State Florida
Comments Thank you.