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Date September 21, 2021
Name Fr. William Fitzgerald O. Praem
City Silverado
State California
Comments I have only very recently heard of this great priest. What an inspiration he is!

Date September 13, 2021
Name paulette kestelman
City maryland
State united states
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Date September 11, 2021
City germantown
State united states
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Date September 9, 2021
Name Kenneth Jones
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Date September 5, 2021
Name Florida
City texae
State usa
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Date September 1, 2021
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Date August 29, 2021
Name Karin kulbe
City Torrance
State California
Comments Please pray for Barbara Kulbe she was a shepherd of father aloysius.

Date August 23, 2021
Name Francesca & Joe Boroden
City The Villages, FL
State FL
Comments Hello - This is a beautiful little website.

Date August 22, 2021
Name David Burch
City Lakewood
State CA
Comments I have grown a compelling interest in the life of FR Aloysius

Date August 22, 2021
Name Deacon Daniel Lavoie
City Comox
State BC, Canada

Date August 21, 2021
Name Mills Dachin
City Baltimore
State Maryland
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Date August 12, 2021
Name Rosanna Thill
City Scottsdale
State Arizy
Comments I was baptized by Father Aloyious and recap miraculous healing as a child and would like to share. I can be reached by email- Kind regards, Rosanna Thill

Date August 5, 2021
Name Francesca Marie Boroden
City The Villages
State Florida
Comments First hearing about this awesome Saint and I wish I had known him. I am looking forward to getting to know him in a very special way and will place my prayer petitions in his hands. Thank you Jesus and Mary for this beautiful and extraordinary Saint and all your saints. May Your glory be shown through them and may our names and those of our love ones be written in the Book of ETERNAL LIFE AND LOVE!

Date July 30, 2021
City Commerce Twp.
State MI
Comments In praying to Fr. Ellacuria over the years, and in meeting Fr. Kevin this past week at the CMN convention, and reading this article linked below ... I realized Fr. Aloyisious was brought into my life to support me through the current Church Crisis I am involved. God works in mysterious ways.

Date July 19, 2021
Name Joseph T. Nelson
City Golden
State CO

Date June 26, 2021
Name tamara barrow
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Date June 21, 2021
Name Pauline & JIM Kennedy
City St Thomas
State ON Canada
Comments We have sent a request to be a members after I watched a program on EWTN. We would like to get 2 prayer cards that pray for Fr Aloysius for Beatification. God bless all of you in your work. Pauline & Jim Kennedy

Date June 20, 2021
Name brian oconnor
City Largo
State Florida
Comments I will also pray real hard for Fr. Aloysius. I love very much this holy man. God Bless you for helping him out. Brian

Date May 31, 2021
Name Lisa Pallini
City Cave Creek
State AZ

Date May 30, 2021
Name Jordan Shaw
City Ohio
State Wisconsin
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Date May 5, 2021
Name David Landry
City Watertown
State MA
Comments Please pray for my wife, Miriam, suffering from Vestibular Hypofunction and acute anxiety and depression. Thank you.

Date March 25, 2021
Name Mary
City Claremont
State Ca
Comments Thank you for providing info. on the life of this amazing priest. Hopefully more will be written about him - Thank you

Date March 11, 2021
Name Gia Mitchell
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Date January 19, 2021
Name Madeline Nava
City Whittier
State CA

Date January 15, 2021
Name Mr.Justin Riley Johnson
City florida
State florida
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